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Manjeet Kumar on 17 June 2011
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Request for refund of amount debited to my Andhra bank account

Dear sirs, sub: request for refund of amount debited to my account - atm card (andhra bank) 0361 on 03 june 2011 time 4:50 pm I have made a debit transction by cash.Andhra bank atm muzaffarnagar but the transction was failed. I have not received payment from atm booth. This transction has also confirmed by their reply to my cell. However, on updating my passbook with bank I found that an amount of rs.2000/- For the above transaction has been debited to my account. The bank branch though informed me that the amount would automatically credited to my account by the card centre, till date the amount has not been credited. Through this letter I request the andhra bank atm card centre to kindly arrange for crediting the failed transction amount of rs.2000/- At the earliest. Thanking you, yours faithfully, manjeet kumar a/C no 1042 debit card no 0361