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Shaji.k on 17 June 2011
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Honda shine bike chain sprocket complaint

I have bought a honda shine bike from the marikar motors,trivandrum on 30/07/2007.During this period I have changed the chain sprocket four times.My bike covered only 28000km.The chain sprocket of an average bike should cover more than 25000km. This part of the bike is very defective and poor quality in production.It is the fourth time that I have made complaint to honda two wheeler india ltd.After this the marikar motors, trivandrum and their sub agency, attingal phoned me enquiring about some unwanting details.But they DID not care my probiem ie,how to solve the sound and wearing of chain sprocket.At the time of purchase, they gave me somany promises about service and spare parts.The main factor behind the progress of a business organisation is the advertisement of a satisfied customer.I think honda company does not need this.I am sending this complaint not to underestimate the honda bike.I want to solve the problem.Hope an early solution.

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Third grade technology for the chain and sprocket. Am suffering lot because of this problem. Dont buy honda shine


Ask for a chain loose spray in show room


I bought the honda shine bike in april 2011.I have completed 10000 kms.

I am hearing sound from chain. I gave my bike to honda service center and they preferred to change to new chain sprocket.

But I did not change after reading the reviews about honda chain sprocket problems.

What will I do? is there any problems in future if I continue with that sound with old one? or will I need to change to new? what is cost of honda chain sprocket?

please help me


Put it chain lock and it reduces ur chain sounds

Samirhusen R Mulani

I am facing lot of problems in my honda shine in service center they don't have proper technicians and knoledge but they are well educate to cheat customer .I am facing problem in chain sproket and shockobserver but didn't gating solution

Santanu Mitra

i am facing lots of problems in my honda shine after just 1yr.After many visits to w/shop the problem of chain loosening and screeching sound still persists.no body is able to solve it.its a shame on honda company and they r sitting pretty over this problem.this things happen only in india.