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Md.mamun Al Hasan on 01 July 2013
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Please help me with this lottery mail

E/M CHAMBERS New York City Court, Queens Blvd, NY 373. USA. Our Ref: nyc-court/728/grant9203 You Ref: (GRANT BENEFICIARY #3) I am Barr. Elita Mariano, Attorney for the Bayford's - Euro Millions Lottery Winner. I work with the International Criminal Court, London United Kingdom, Only attached to the Administrative Office of New York City Courts. The benefactors, Mr & Mrs Adrian Bayford are presently on vacation, hence my present attachment to Administrative Office of NY City Courts as processing of your grant will be processed and paid to you accordingly. Your name has already been submitted to this chamber by Mr & Mrs Adrian Bayford as well as the needed documents to boost this exercise. You are now cleared to receive transfer of your grant. Mr & Mrs Adrian Bayford already provided the basic requirement for your payment to be carried out, as you are the third (3rd) beneficiary to be receive this grant, as we already concluded payment to other 2 beneficiaries. As a standard procedure, You are expected to make a "Court Consultation Fee" of $1550 USD. Other two beneficiary considered this Consultation Charge absurd, as they proffer that this charge be deducted from the Grant money, but were made to reconsider why they should make this cost as this is the normal practice all over the world. As in order to consult with a specialist there ought to be a Standard Consultation Fee. Receipt of payment will be attached to your Cheque / Documents to be dispatched to you as this is a standard procedure. The Benefactors, Mr & Mrs Adrian Bayford after release of this grant, also made provision for it to be delivered to you via Diplomatic means (Hand to Hand). All that is expected of you is make the Consultation Fee of $1550 USD. Please note that the Benefactors can not be responsible for this consultation fee, hence you need to see to this personally so we can move to the next beneficiary. In view of this recent development, you have been given a maximum of 3 working days to make the required consultation charge, this is as a result of the magnitude of the Cheque, hence strict precautions are taken. Once requirement is meant, all necessary document will be forwarded to you to attest your signatures to them and then diplomatic delivery will commence, delivery is within a maximum of 48 hours after remittance of consultation fee of $1550 Dollars. Payment of consultation fee is through Western Union to this chamber with details; Receiver: MRS ELITA MARIANO Address: Sportcity Way Manchester M11 3FF UK Amount: $1550 USD We can only proceed after payment of this charge has been verified. Hence, provide scanned copy of payment receipt once Consultation fee of $1550 USD has been paid so we can proceed accordingly!! Finally, on delivery of your Certified Cheque, you need to present a valid means of Identification to the agent before you can receive your grant. Awaits prompt compliance. Your Sincerely. BARR. ELITA MARIANO. NY CITY COURTS USA / ICC LONDON, UK

Dr.Anup Kumar

Good day some of these lottery are real i know this because i am a winner of this particular lottery you complained about i have claimed my winnings but you should note that i was instructed to contact their payment bank in London i only paid a few charges and my winnings was transferred to me i do advice you that you contact them but before this you should first of all send an email to (latestupdate1@gmail.com) in order to confirm if you were actually selected as one of the original winners i hope this helps you

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