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Rupesh Sharma on 22 June 2013
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IRDA - Fake bonus calls

A call was received to me on 21 June 2013 from a IRDA official Mr Aditya from (hyd) the verification, if a amount of 2.5 lac (benefit amount against my policies up till today) to be transferred to mr Neeraj Sharma account who is a claimant. Mr Neeraj have submitted a authorization letter with forged signature of mine against same. On my denial of any such letter issued and have not known to any neeraj sharma, mr Bhatia asked me that he shall transfer my call to his manager mr Rakesh Bajaj to avoid the fraud case against me. Mr Rakesh Bajaj got me on call and the same discussion as above repeated and he suggested me to file a security amount of Rs to claim my amount of benefit i.e 2.5 lac, and gave a registration code, imc code and a new imc code, to stop the payment to be transferred to mr neeraj sharmas account. also gave me a complaint no of irda against the above fraud case. Initially i agreed to verify their process, the Local Pvt Insurance company too are involved for same as in immediate response the Reliance life insurance company guy mr Vikram Singh gave me a call for the removal of new Policy and had send his excecutive to my location to collect Documents for Policy... I have denied to pay a security amount and asked for a authentic document of Benefit amount alloted to me on mail or by courrier. but they denied to produce any doc against same as this is against their ethics. Is there any authority agianst where we can launch a official complaint against same. As i had given a official call to Mr Rakesh Bajaj 2816 & 2246 IRDA Dehli office - Liaison work" to inform that there is a fraud Person who gives call against your name to common Man and is executing a scam. the Officer just casually gave me a customer complaint no and asked me to launch a complaint same and told that he receives many calls as of same in his day to day working hrs asked me to stop payment against same and take up a call with IRDA customer care executive. I have purposely not shared the mobile and WLL phone nos, if any strict action is involved against same shall disclose all the information avaliable with me to the gov / police. PLEASE TAKE ACTION AGIANST THESE TYPES OF CALLS .

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