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Dhanesh Sethi on 16 June 2013
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Philips Tornado 15W CFL warranty declined

I bought the Philips Tornado 15W CFL from FoodRight (Future Group) store. While selling the CFL was sold with 1year warranty but the buld went bad within 10months and when I asked for replacement from the store, the store declined to replace the bulb and said now the warranty is for only 6months. This is surely a cheating case. When contested the store manager disappeared and store staff offered me low cost Non-Philips CFL as replacement. First of all Philips has been providing inferior quality CFL that never lasts more than 10months and this store has started cheating customers. Since store has no stock of Philips CFL, I had to ask for refund. With great difficulty I got Rs.205/- back. Very disappointed with Philips and this store.

Mrarun Kumar

Hi this is Neeraj There is no use in posting individual complains. They are making fool of customers because we are not united. lets expose them to the world by posting snaps and videos of their third quality products. I have started a forum for the the customers who are suffering from worst product quality and event worse customer care on facebook. The url is http://www.facebook.com/cheatedbyphilips. Join it upload videos and photos and share it with your friends. let save others from the same fate.