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Yash Shiekh on 07 June 2013
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samsung globe mobile award fake winning

i have sms .your mobile number won.450.000gbp to claim send your full details.then he send me a mail write on the mail the winning fund will be send in a demand draft by a diplomat agent the agent name is richard campbell .flight name british airways.fright no-8w121arrival time 5th june2013 at 09.45am morning.just u pay the custom charge 9.800.then the agent will give me a SBI account no-20140547259 .account holder name is-H.Lalmawizuali to diposit the money.after this now he say the demand draft in rbi and the convert in indieean money you have to pay the charge .800 rupees.they again give me 2 SBI account information to trancfer the money .1 ac name-zothanpuia.ac no-20164810930.(2)ac name-Mr.lalramaand and ac no-20164810408.new .delhi branch.plese reply me is the are real or fake in my mobile number-8967101936 by sms or call.i will wwait for reply.plese do imediatly

Dr.Anup Kumar

Good day some of these lotteries are real i know this because i am a winner of this particular lottery you complained about i have claimed my winnings but you should note that i was instructed to contact their payment bank in London i only paid a few charges and my winnings was transferred to me i do advice you that you contact them but before this you should first of all send an email to (latestupdate1@gmail.com) in order to confirm if you were actually selected as one of the original winners i hope this helps you

Dr. Anup