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Ravi Malik on 15 June 2011
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Misguidance by an Axis bank employee over fees payment

Sir/ Madam, I am a mba sutdent of amity university noida. I was sanctioned the education laon from sbi karnal for the same. I was issued a a/C payee cheque from the bank for the fees payment. I took this cheque to axis bank karnal branch, there mr. Gaurav refused to accept the cheque saying it is not a local cheque even after I told him this has been issued by the sbi branch and can be treated local. I also brought sbi's chief manager to convince mr. Gaurav but all in vain.He gave lame reason saying the cheque may bounce back, there system wont accept the fees if entered as cheque and all. With no other left I had to get an p.O . From sbi again and this activity costed me rs 550 plus inconvinance and time waste. Yesterday I got to know from my batch mate who also had taken loan from sbi agra and got the a/C payee cheque deposited in axis bank agra branch without getting any pay order(p.O). This has really made me angry and furious. If it could have been accepted bby axis bank agra why not karnal branch. I need justice in this matter and be reimbursed the amount I have paid unnecessarily. Pls help