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Shankerbhai K. Makwana on 24 May 2013
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Non settlement of BOI health claim

I have taken policy under BOI Health Insurance Policy. I submitted my Medical bill to employer BOI for Rs. .65. However my medical bill was passed for Rs. 770/ against the total claim of Rs.23230.65. Accordingly I submitted the claim for residual amount of Rs. 0.65 along with the certificate issued by my bank. The claim was lodged with the TPA. The details are as under. Mediclaim Policy No. 0790 I Card No. 0790 Claim Amount Rs. 0.65 TPA Receipt No. 3367 dated 2010 Subsequent follow-up was done by the BOI Marketing staff, and required information was provided by the Marketing staff. It was given to understand that the papers were misplaced and the matter was prolonged. subsequent followup with the Branch, RO. no fruitful result is achieved. Hence I have approach you for proper redressel. It may may be mentioned that I might have lodged the total claim under policy. However I submitted the claim for residual amount.

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