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Y K Jain on 03 May 2013
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Bad services by B K Tour & Travel

We four families went to Bhutan through M/s B K Tour & Travels. Traveller provided us with two Innova Cars. On the very first day when we reached Phuentsholing we were left in the Hotel and cars were taken away, to roam around without vehicle and guidance. Next day when we reached to Paro, same thing was repeated, we were left in the Hotel at around 4 PM. After a lot of discussion we got the drivers ready to leave us in the Market to roam around and to have our dinner. Every day drivers gave problem and kept insisting to reach hotel early. It was the last day of the journey and we were going from Thimpu to Jaigaon, and one of the diesel tank of the two vehicles got dry in the midst of the difficult hills. We all the four families with ladies and small children were very impatient as It was a rainy day and full of clouds and fog and we were to reach Alipore Dwar to catch our Train. Now driver started bagging for diesel from the other travellers. Somehow with the mercy of the some travellers we got some diesel but when a diesel car gets dry it takes air and gives lot of truble in starting. After 3-4 hours we could start and reached at around 8 PM to Jaigaon. When we met Mr B K Prasad proprietor of M/s B K Tour and Travel, in his office, and complained about the aforesaid episode, he instead of feeling sorry and expressing sympathy, started shouting at us saying that..... it is a common phenomena (fuel tank of a vehicle getting dry on the way)...... and happens .......with even Aeroplanes. When we asked if it happens with Aeroplanes, then Aeroplanes might fall, he shouted and said .... YES..... We were shoked and amazed at the behaviour of Mr Prasad (proprietor of the Travel agency). We were feeling exploited and harassed by goon like inhuman behaviour of M/s B K Tour and Travel. As we had to catch our train from Alipore Dwar we did not much argued but we would strongly recommend to those who are reading this feedback not to engage M/s B K Tour and Travel. Thanks Y K Jain 7833

Rahul Prasad

I have inquired from everywhere and from all over Bhutan & also from all the tourist who have visited bhutan that B.K. Prasad { Proprietor of B.K. Tour & Travels } is a good man & his service is the best. Even he is the first person to run a travel agency in Jaigaon in the year of 1998 so he is accustomed to Bhutan. and when i inquired him about this case then he himself told me that in his entire 15 years of travel business you were the first one who forced him to behave in a rough way. You didnt cope with the situation and started showing your inhuman behaviour and after your tour when you reached his office instead of talking to him politely you just started shouting and complaining in a rude way so he did the same.

So at last i found that this complain about B.K.tour & Travels is totally wrong and i also want to recommend everyone that if someone doesnt know to cope with the situation prevailing then he should not be engaged in that.

And if the guest behave in a rough & rude way then I dont think that there is any Travel agent who is going to organise Tour for that Tourist.

B.K. Prasad & his company B.k. Tour & Travels has a good name and fame allover Bhutan Thanks Rahul Khandalwal

Rajib Chatterjee

I would like to thank BK Tours for providing excellent service during my recent Bhutan visit. Driver Anil & Suraj were very good and quite knowledgeable. All Hotel accommodations were 3 star category at a reasonable rate. I would definitely recommend BK tour company to other travellers as well.

Ashok K

Had an awesome trip to Bhutan. B.K.Travels package is very good at a very reasonable price. We liked the the entire experience except for the Driver who is very rude impatient and drunk. Surprising to see such kind of people there. He drove very dangerously and didn't listen to us when we asked him to slow down. By wife vomited 6 times during those curvy roads. If you ever book B.K. Travels ask them to not assign this driver. His name is "Uttam Ray".

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