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Rakesh Acharya on 30 April 2013
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Late running of trains

Below is the letter given to the railway department heads and repetitive approach made to raise the issue to bring to the knowledge of railway department, but they remain deaf & dumb. As we are helpless now I on my personal approach want to raise the matter in this consumer forum as i am also a victim of this late running of train, which affects my daily office work. Letter given to the railway department (departmental head and railway ministry) and High Court with a undersigned daily users of counting about 275 peoples, if required xerox can be produced. Sir, Inviting a reference to the captioned subject, we draw your urgent attention to the following plight of the passengers travelling in Train No- 8414 under the jurisdiction of East-Coast Railway. At every Railway station in Japan, one can read through the conspicuously visible write up saying, “Your watch might run late, but trains in Japan never ’’. Is it a sin on our part to expect Puri-Paradeep Intercity arriving at Cuttack station in right time? Doesn’t the Railway Authority have the slightest knowledge about late-arrival & late-departure of the said train at Ctc. Station which has determined to arrive late regularly? If they have valid reasons (best known to them) to run this train late daily, why don’t they reschedule the time of arrival and departure from Ctc. Station while preparing Train Time-table. Who has given them the right to cause physical stress & mental agony for so many people including senior citizens, patients, women and children by regularly running the said train late? In order to bring to your august notice w.r.t the delayed arrival & departure of the said train at Ctc station, we attach a separate seat reflecting the actual time of arrival n departure for some odd days. We had ventilated our grievances described below to the East Coast Railway Authority through the DRM, Khurda in a number of occasions previously. But, each time they had a deaf ear to our concern. We take this opportunity to highlight some of our untold miseries before you sir under the following points ---- 1) It has been a curse to travel in this late-running train for officials, private entrepreneurs and executives who are on different mission to this industrially growing town of Paradeep. These wretched passengers reach their destination very late on daily-basis; thereby negatively affecting the productivity of their respective organization may be Govt. or a Pvt. One. 2) On its return from Paradeep, no link train is available for Bhubaneswar bound daily passengers from Ctc station. So, they have to wait for another 30 to 45 minutes to travel in this delayed Intercity though BBSR-Howrah ‘Jan-Satabdi’ could be a linked train had the Authority desired. But, most of the time ‘Jan-Satabdi’ gets through by abruptly halting our train without any reasons either at ‘Mattagajapur P.H’ or over ‘Taladanda Bridge’. It compels the BBSR bound daily passengers to avail Auto service so as to reach the Bus Stop for a Bus journey in order to reach home early, thereby adding to the Govt’s Oil Import Bill. Hence, it’s an economic loss to the state. 3) Had we reached home early; we could have utilized our time more productively which might indirectly add to our state’s well-being. Hence, it’s a national loss as the delayed Intercity eating into our valuable time and vitality. 4) Sometimes, the goods train gets priority over our Intercity in getting signals to run. Is it the reward being given to the sons of the soil (Odiyas) for making Odisha a surplus state in terms of railway revenue! We badly smell a ‘money-making’ attitude of the Station Masters through such preferences for goods train. Goods are there to satisfy human-needs. But, by no means should human-beings be sacrificed for the sake of Goods. 5) There is no justification behind running this train up to Puri for which it fails to maintain right time causing embarrassment for many passengers. There is no dearth of Puri bound trains. Hence, this train should run up to BBSR instead of Puri and back.

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