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Dinesh Bhatnagar on 17 April 2013
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Comet Infowave cheat karte hai

Meine Comet Infowave ke site se brochure mila toh meine mumbai branch mein silver plan ke liye paise bhare , abhi 8 din ho chuka hai merko bill bhi nahi diya . Office mein phone kiya toh bolte hai management problems hai , ahmedabad office mein phone kiya toh bolte hai apka paisa aur papers idar nahi aya . Abhi toh phone bhi nahi uthate , merko mera paisa chaiye inn kamino se

Customer Care

Respected Sir/Madam

"Star Data Connect" in Mumbai having their offices at marol and vasai was the franchise of "Comet Infowave Pvt Ltd" located in Ahmedabad and this is to inform all of the respected clients that we have terminated the contract with " Star Data Connect" due to very bad service provided from their side to our customers who got registered to us through them and now we are not in any concern with the Mumbai Office.

We would clear this further as we here at Comet Infowave Pvt Ltd are not liable for the Clients who paid the enrollment or registration fees AT any of the Mumbai Offices. This was made clear with the Mumbai that the contract of franchise was terminated but they still are continuing there work in the name our our company. We regret for the inconvenience that occurred to the clients but we would make it clear that the trouble was not from Our company. So kindly before lodging any such complaints we kindly request to go to the depth of the matter.

"Star Data Connect" is individual Company now and liable for the customer who enrolled with them. So kindly contact them for the same.


Customer Care Department.

(Comet Infowave Pvt Ltd.)

Jackie Samuel

Bechare Dinesh ka paisa doob gaya. Why did you put your money with this company? Struggle and get a job dear. All Work from home are Scam. Get authenticated proof of payment and the join. Once you put your money you loose it because of these scams.

Key Master

Welcome Typers

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