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Mohammed Sabber on 12 June 2011
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Mahindra kotak life insurance fraud

Dear sir / Madem please advice me I had take mahindra kotak life insurance from agent agent name barkat ali he give me my proposal policy no 6689 after two years he give me only three pament slip while he taking every six month 8000 thousend rupees now some body saying he left mahindra kotak life insurance after two years while I show my policy to my relative he told me where is policy it is only two emi payment slip not a policy then barkat told me policy will me after two years this is rules from irda so please tel me about my policy regard rais khan relative of the victim

Sunil Kumar Pandey

Yes indeed without any doubt they are all involving in cooperate fraud especially agent who spy our phone number and address and multiple request for open a policy account and if we open policy with in one or two month they disappear.

Kotak mahindra is pure scam or we can say it is white scam I open policy in 2007 till now policy value is 65% of my invested amount no phone or mail communication by this company staff if possible please avoid they will grasp your all invested amount.

They are all scammer!!!

Siby Kc

I have invested in two plans of kotek. One is kotek flexi plan II and kotek smart advantage plan. Both these policies I have invested rs. 50.000.00 in each policies three consecutive years. Total investment of each policy was rs. 1.50000.00. This is the fourth year and presently my two policies has incurred a loss of total rs. 56.000.00. If I invested the same in bank by the next year I will get almost double of my investment. I wrote a letter to their ho in bombay. They asked me to invest again. According to my bitter experience I request all the readers never ever invest in kotek and their any policies. They are the real cheaters and fraud to grab the hard earned bucks of poor people. Please support me and please give a wide publicity in all social medias and other relevant sites to annihilate these type of parasites from the insurance market.

Siby nilambur kerala. 9446006151

Y Rao

Please be aware that currently there are many cooperate frauds going on the name of kotak. Kotak smart advantage is a very good plan if you can wait for atleast 10 years. They have clearly mentioned how the policy works.

I have received a call from a mobile number from someone stating that they are from kotak client services and that your policy is on agent code and we will convert it into company direct. Your agent is getting 40% of premium that you pay and as per irda we will have to convert it into company direct and the agent will not be paid. You just need to re submit the documents and have to pay premium twice in this year. I smelled it as a fraud and checked with kotak call center and got the information that kotak is not doing any activity for agent code to company direct. There is nothing as such. And this is a big fraud.

I just saved myself in investing in wrong hands. Please be aware of this issue


y rao