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Prakash Khimji Ravariya on 13 April 2013
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Comet Infowave Data Entry Job Fraud Company.

I had registered in their Golden Plan, i paid money hard cash to their branch office in Mumbai. Now its been 2 weeks i haven't got any reply , i call their headoffice and they tell me to call their branch office and then when i call the branch people they tell me to drop an email ....i visited their office and from there i called the headoffice and their number is switched off. Chappal se marro salle ko /// paisa khate hai

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Debanjali Banerjee

i read this particular ad in the Times of india classifieds where they claimed "earn rs.25000-45000 per month fixed and upto Rs.180 per page". i called the toll free number 18602330833. this guy sohil picked up the call and said that I have to pay Rs.1299 and i will receive a package along with a CD which will contain the demo of the entire thing. I received the package today morning. it had a brochure which said i will have to pay Rs.15000 deposit to start getting any work. the also say this Rs.15000 is refundable. they will refund rs.1500 with every assignment completed and they will give total 10 assignments. but while i taked to this sohil guy he neither mentioned about this Rs.15000 nor the name of the company cometinfowave pvt.ltd even after i asked.

Kalpesh Ramani

I completely proud of the man name "Scammer Free".

He had paid a lot of time and a lot of evidence against this fu cking and Buls hit companey named COMET.

This is not the end Let's take a look at this below link.


They are running company from one room with a lot of different different name. You know they are ike chu tiya people.

So finally itana kehna chahuga ki COMET wale ch utiyo alag alag name se achhi achhi comment marne se company respected nahi ban jati.

Dear SCAMMER FREE(Iske name par mat jao chu tiyo iski feelings ko dekho)

Ye india he. Logo ko jald baji me paise chaiye aur isi liye in logo kon paise dene wale mil bhi jate he.

Or aab rahi baat in Grahak Seva Kendra ki

Bdw ye grahak seva kendra kya za kkh marne k liye banaya he. Bhen cho do utho or in jese logo ko aur pakad k jail me daal do. Bhe n cho do aur bhe n ke L odo government walo kabhi kabhi to kam kar liya karo.

Aur ha muje pehchan chupane ki koi aadat nahi he like SCAMMER FREE. Daat kar mukabala karo in chu tiyo ka. Ye log to galat bhi khulle aam kar rahe he......to phir tu sachh bhi chup chup k karega.

Comet Union

Still I'm Alive..... Keep Faith Soon I will come and give all evidences to public with Legal Way.

Comet Union

Strong Proof:

All people who checking their payment proof in their website please check this also

Comet infowave run as Universal Info services more than 3 Years before march 2013 [http://www.grahakseva.com/topic/universal-info-service]. They cheated many people and changed the name to comet.

may 2013 - 2 cheque

june 2013 - 6 cheque

july 2013 - 4 cheque

aug 2013 - 5 cheque

sep 2013 - 1 cheque

oct 2013 - 6 cheque

nov 2013 - 4 cheque

After my entry with all proofs and evidences ["http://www.grahakseva.com/complaints/151703/comet-infowave-data-entry-job-fraud-company" & "http://www.consumercomplaints.in/work-at-home-part-time-jobs/comet-infowave-pvt-ltd-c853494/page/4"] see the result

dec 2013 - 11 cheque

jan 2014 - 15 cheque

feb 2014 - 28 cheque

mar 2014 - 28 cheque

apr 2014 - 25 cheque

After I got all evidences and proofs they increased their cheque number per month to cheat the people and government like a good company. timeline: 3.5 yrs in Universal Info services and feb to nov 2013 as comet info wave they have never paid more cheque per month like this in their website on dec 2013 to apr 2014.

Highlight ["http://www.consumercomplaints.in/new-era-infowave-fraud-data-entry-home-jobs-c1069034" & "http://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/new-era-infowave-l389351.html"] The Manager is friend of abhinav singh he also worked together since universal info service to comet then start the new company. New Label New worker for more money laundering.

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