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Prakash Khimji Ravariya on 13 April 2013
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Comet Infowave Data Entry Job Fraud Company.

I had registered in their Golden Plan, i paid money hard cash to their branch office in Mumbai. Now its been 2 weeks i haven't got any reply , i call their headoffice and they tell me to call their branch office and then when i call the branch people they tell me to drop an email ....i visited their office and from there i called the headoffice and their number is switched off. Chappal se marro salle ko /// paisa khate hai

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Irshad Patel

Please B aware of this fraud company. They will show you that they are genuine but after working with them u will come to know as it is my personal experience with Comet. The person sitting in Mulund office (Gandhi) says that he is here only for collecting money only any refund or quality of the files or any queries regarding money or legal action you have to talk to management in Ahemadabad where u have to pay for STD calls and you are not given positive reply. They say that image files will only contain 75 lines max but if you go in to check it comes out to be 114 lines approximately and you are forced to do the same lot. When u ask for a change of lot they say that management does not allow that (i.e. they itself are not true with their own words what they write in mail that if you are satisfied with the work allotted to you then send a confirmation mail.) What they show in brochure n on site is different than what they give u. They squeeze the words such that instead of 200 pages it comes out to be 600 pages.

Divyesh Jariwala

Hello Everyone

This is Divyesh Jariwala Law Student and i am the latest victim of this fraud company we are arranging a meeting so kindly send your all experience Conversation and evidence on d.jariwala1989@gmail.com we will surly help you so just hit the mail or you can call me on 9909554153 your single mail will make my wall more stronger to expose this fraud company..please do it for your hard earn money ...

Akshay Mevada

This company is fraud so don't waste your time and money.

Comet Union

I'M BACK....

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