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Sameer Bajpai on 12 April 2013
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Fake RBI winning amount

Reserve Bank OF India. India's Central Bank Regional Director : Shri Chandan Sinha Reserve Bank of India regional office, Delhi, Foreign Remittance Department. New Delhi: 001, India, 6,Sansad Marg. Email: @e-rbigovt.org.in Date: 12/04/2013 Customers Care Lin No.011 Dear Esteem Customer Mr. Sameer Bajpai. With reference to the order of immediate payment of $250,000:00 Dollars which we received from Diplomat Mr. Benson Richard from ( ARIZONA AWARD LOTTERY PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM), and after verifications on your payment file, the Foreign Remittance Department “RESERVE BANK OF INDIA” New Delhi Branch will carry on with the remittance of your won prize to your designated bank account upon confirmation of your payment of (Registration/ Exchange Fee) of {Rs. ,760 INR} You are to pay an Registration fee to the remittance department to enable us convert your won prize amount from Dollars into Indian Rupees, because your won prize is insured and as such we are not allowed to deduct money from it. FOR ANY INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR (DIPLOMAT MR, BENSON RICHARD ) ON PHONE. YOU ARE ADVICE TO FILL YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS AND SEND IT BANK TO US FOR THE TRANSFERING OF YOUR WINNING AMOUNT. ACCOUNT NAME: ACCOUNT NUMBER: PAN NUMBER: BANK NAME: BRANCH : Do Note that you have 24hours to respond to this mail, a copy of this mail will be sent to your processing Officer, Do contact the processing officer Diplomat Mr. Benson Richard and he will direct you on how to make the payment. Welcome To Reserve Bank Of India. Do confirm and send the requirements and indicate your specified option and send it to this office via e-mail. All orders not receive within few time will be send back to the proper quarters Thanks for your activities. Regional Director : Shri Chandan Sinha Mrs. Lawrence.J.Sindhi Mrs. Sunita Roy. Mrs. Sonia Sharma (Foreign Exchange Dept.)

Dr.Anup Kumar

Good day some of these lotteries are real i know this because i am a winner of this particular lottery you complained about i have claimed my winnings but you should note that i was instructed to contact their payment bank in London i only paid a few charges and my winnings was transferred to me i do advice you that you contact them but before this you should first of all send an email to (latestupdate1@gmail.com) in order to confirm if you were actually selected as one of the original winners i hope this helps you

Dr. Anup

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