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Krishnendu Sarkar on 02 April 2013
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SBI regarding non activation of bsda facility

Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly go through entire append mails and look, how I have been suffering due to non service of the bank. Trust, after ongoing the bellow details, you will take care of it and redress properly. Thanking you. With kind regards, Krishnendu Sarkar 626) From: @hotmail.com To: @sbi.co.in CC: @rediffmail.com Subject: HONORABLE DMD CSNB: BSDA Facility- Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 07:01:19 0000 Respected Sir, Kindly go through the entire mail and please asses the circumstances. As a Client point of view, I think, such irresponsible service from concerned dept/officials beyond of acceptance. My request still pending since 7th Jan 013. Request for BSDA application was sent from Main Branch Kolkata Demat section to DPCPC dated with indoc no BSDA Application FormSent on 08/01/2013 Trough Our Indoc No. 0859 without any result. Moreover, since Sept. 011, any DEMAT realted transaction wither it may be debtied or credited, NO SMS alert been sent. Before that SMS alert was in action. I brought the issue to dept. notice but only empty promises were given noting more than that. May I expect SMS alert will be activated soon for any demat related transaction. Henceforth, I am forwarding this issue for your kind intervention. Much more, sincere and careful service is expected from dept. like DPCPC. Thanking you. With best regards, KRISHNENDU SARKAR 626) DP ID--13019300 BO Id: 9756 To: dpcpc@sbi.co.in; agmcustomer.lhokol@sbi.co.in; @sbi.co.in CC: querydp@sbi.co.in; @hotmail.com Subject: Fw: BSDA Application Form Sent on 08/01/2013 From: @sbi.co.in Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 18:57:02 0530 PRIORITY MESSAGEDPCPC / LHO KOLKATA The mail was forwarded earlier also. It appears that the grievance of the customer has not been redressed .Please look into the matter once again and arrange for immediate redressal of the customer's grievance under confirmation to the Corporate Centre. The customer may pls.be advised suitably with necessary details. Regards, Deputy General Manager (Customer Service) Customer Service Department Corporate Centre,16 th Floor Mumbai.400021 9456 Fax 2431 ---- Forwarded by DGM CUSTOMER SERVICE CORPORATE CENTRE MUMBAI/CORP/SBI/SBG on 14-03-2013 18:53 ---- From: krishnendu sarkar To: "dpcpc@sbi.co.in" , "dgm.customer@sbi.co.in" Cc: "gm.coordnbg@sbi.co.in" , "cgm.newbusiness@sbi.co.in" , "cgm.lhokol@sbi.co.in" Date: 14-03-2013 18:42 Subject: FW: BSDA Application Form Sent on 08/01/2013 Respected Sir/Madam, Kindly go through the tailing mail. I am really very much upset of such irresponsible and careless attitude from Demat Section. A request was submitted Kolkata Main Brnach Demat Section, and Mr.Ankus Bandyopadhyay Manager (Demat) has forwarded it on dated 8th 013, with Indoc No. 0859 as per his tailing mail. Now, if I go further to bring the issue to Chairman & also MD NBG along with SEBI quoting the negligence of Demat section, then what will be happened. As a long time 3 in 1 A/c holder of SBI and very good relation with not only CGM & GMS of our Local Head office Kolkata even with Corp. office of SBI, I am not much keen to do so, but please pay attention of customer needs. One very important thing sir, since Sept. 011, Debit & Credit SMS alert from DP section was stopped and regarding this issue, I have forwarded mail twice but only assurance came from SBI officials but it yet to be reflected in practical ground. Do hope, necessary action will be taken and re-start the SMS alert and the BSDA facility will certainly be activated against my Demat A/c--01019756 without any delay. Thanking you & always expecting cordial and good relationship will continue with Bank concerned. KRISHNENDU SARKAR 626) BO Id: 9756 Subject: Fw: RE: BSDA Application Form Sent on 08/01/2013 From: @sbi.co.in To: @hotmail.com Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:02:06 0530 Dear Sir, In response to your e mail we are sending the trail mail contents are self explicit. We shall be glad if you please bear with us for doing the needful at the earliest. Regards, Manager (Demat) -----Forwarded by DEMAT SECTION KOLKATA MAIN BRANCH 0001 KOLKATA LHOKOL/LHO/SBI/SBG on 03/14/2013 04:59PM ---- To: From: "querydp" Date: 03/14/2013 04:23PM Subject: RE: BSDA Application Form Sent on 08/01/2013 Dear Sir, With respect to the above subject, we would like to apologize for not paying attention to your request. Your application is under process. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you and thank you for bearing with us. Assuring you our best services and co-operation always. If you any query/issue, you can call us on SBI toll free no. 1800 209 9080 Thanks & Regards SBI Helpdesk Team 1800 209 9080 From: @sbi.co.in [mailto:demat.mbkol@sbi.co.in] Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 11:55 AM To: @sbi.co.in Subject: BSDA Application Form Sent on 08/01/2013 Dear Sir, BSDA Application FormSent on 08/01/2013 Trough Our Indoc No. 0859 Client : KRISHNENDU SARKAR BO Id: 9756 We have received a complaint from Shri Krishnendu Sarkar for not enabling his account with BSDA facility. We understand from CML that the demat account is still not BSDA enabled. We shall be glad if you please do the needful. Regards, Ankus Bandyopadhyay Manager (Demat) =

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