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Umesh Gajera on 26 March 2013
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Gas booking IVR never works

Sir, From the last few months Indane has started some specials services like you can book your cylinder through IVR and SMS. But their IVR never work most of the time. The IVR number is 1260 from mobile. So I also always book my cylinder from IVR but from last couple of months I am facing so much trouble with the IVR it always gives me the message that your cylinder has been booked but I never recieve the cylinders. Even sometime it gives the message that your cylinder has already been booked. I have raised this issue with my service provider which is Jagdamba Sai but they always neglect that and when I go to their office and complaint them about the service they dont even open the door of the office. Its not even me there are several customer those who have a same complaint that Jagdamba staff dont respond. They most of time shout on the customer that you dont even now how to use sms and ivr service no we dont book cylinder here and after so much request they book the cylinder.