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Studnet on 24 March 2013
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CBSE accountancy and maths paper

To CBSE : This was the toughest paper given by CBSE 2013 Of accountancy & Mathematics !! This is truly not fair ! you all were trying to experiment with this batch 2013 ! you people think each and every student is topper of the batch ! to dear paper setters (Each and every student is not studying in high school and coaching classes some students are of middle and lower classes too and study in village where there is CBSE AFFILIATED SCHOOL.)!! All we want to be liberal in checking our papers and granting marks on attempting ~~ PLEASE DON'T RUINS OUR LIFE !! First you introduce CCE starting from our batch, so we had no idea what we were upto. Accountancy syllabus was revised in OCTOBER. I fail to understand why was it so important to introduce the revised syllabus in mid-year. You could have introduced it the next year. After all the changes in the middle of the year, we expected an easy and direct paper. But then, Accountancy paper was not less than a nightmare. Then, the CBSE Class XII Math paper was really tough. It deviated from the normal board pattern. The paper was not easy and was indirect. I could hardly find 2-3 NCERT questions as compared to previous years' papers which were mostly direct from the NCERT. Giving us 6 marks grace would hardly do any good to us. Students spent as much as 0-25 minutes trying to solve the misprinted question. We were panicked since Section-C is supposed to be the easiest. Whatever happened to that? I could literally see students around me close to tears during the examination hall while giving the paper as they lost precious time and hence 0-15 marks paper. Even above average students weren't able to complete the paper let alone average students. I am not one of the brightest students in Math but considering the past years' papers, I was convinced that I could score 85+ easily since I was thorough with the NCERT and now, I am not even sure about a 70. All the students expected an easy paper since this is the first batch which is giving the board examination for the very first time and considering that the Accountancy paper had already been really tough. All our hopes seem to be shattered now. CBSE really needs to do something about it as it is necessary to score at least 60+ in Math for any kind of competitive examination. Do you still want to try out anything with our batch? That would be great. This batch 013) has already taken a lot of shit from CBSE. It is time to raise our voices. This batch has already been disadvantaged. Something needs to done about the Math paper. You have seen the power of youth in December last year. Youth WILL speak again. And this time the target would be CBSE. It is about our future. You cannot take it as a joke. Regards, A frustrated student of Class 12 (Batch 013) speaking on behalf of thousands of frustrated students.

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