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Isha on 21 March 2013
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Wrong question in 12th maths board exam (set 3) 2013

yesterday i attempted my boards exam for maths. I had code 3 and there was this question 26 of differential questions in the exam, which is incorrect. It has been accepted by CBSE also that this question could not be solved as it came in "Nav Bharat Times" today. As i started with Section C, this Question was wrong and I was determined to solve it, as it carries 6marks. Due to this i lost my 40 minutes of the exam. And I couldnt complete my paper all because of this. I lost around 20 Marks just because of this Question. I was planning for B.Com (Hons).But now i see my future on stake. This exam was the key to my future. cutoffs to enroll in DU colleges are very high. And I see no chance of my getting in DU, just because of this misprint. In the newspaper, it was also printed that they would provide full marks of that Question. But what about children like me, who lost their 20 Marks because of this Question. They should provide compensation for the same or conduct a retest. Because it is very difficult to live with a bleak future. .

Pradeep Kumar

You r right my brother also face this same problem.