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Dr.satpal Singh on 09 June 2011
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Passport seva portal- manage time of appointment

Respected sir, I have applied for passport online but I cannot get appointment time. I have tried sveral times.The passport office open at 8 a.M. And give appointment for next day but but the net show no available slot for appointment. Kindly manage my appointment. Thanks dr. Satpal singh arn- 2063 applied on 2011

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I have submitted passport on 27/10/2012 my arn no is 12-0002505235 but I M not geeting available slots at psk thane I'M trying everyday please help me


I have also same problem


Respected sir

first of all I would like to appreciate the new online system facilitate us to apply online.

I am keeping trying for the appointment for from last 10 days.My arn number is 12-1002265888 at psk tirupathi.

But it is showing that try for next day like that.Plase help me to do that.

Appreciate your support.

Smita Pradhan

I also tried everyday for appointment...but the same problem like no slots are available now..so try for next day at 3 pm onwards..my arn no is 12-1002868549..so plz help me.

Rahul Kumar Singh

Appointment date can not given?


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