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Naveen Reddy on 06 March 2013
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100BestBuy fraud

i got a mail from 100bestbuy.com stating that the contest for samsung galaxy grand is just for 99/- if i win they will deliver the product if not they will refund my money upto it is fine so i felt happy and made a payment,later comes the trick as they didnt refund the money they will give you it as a credit points which you can use on purchase that too a limited points ,so i would not like to participate in the contest and i want my money back either in cash or cheque kindly please help in it . My mobile no:+91-94930159+01 Reference no: 5383

Naveen Reddy

Dear Sir

I would like to withdraw my money from the 100bestbuy .com contest as i am not aware of it's fraud when doing online later i came to know about it kindly please help me in it as i am afraid of my money getting wasted and i wll never encourage people to go for online auctions or contests this is a fraud one stealing people's hard earned money kindly please help me i made a transaction on 06-03-2013 of amount 699/- for the samsung galaxy grand contest my reference no is 17465383

Sukshtech Bestbuy.com

Dear Naveen Reddy

You have paid that amount for the contests This price will not be refundable.The amount paid for the contest will be added as credit points. which helps you to purchase any products from 100bestbuy website your paid amounts will get deduct on purchased product from 100bestbuy.com.

If any more queries kindly contact us at service@100bestbuy call us on 080 - 67536400:



Naveen Reddy

Dear 100bestbuy

What if i dont want to buy any product from you as i am feared of fraudulent which may occur due to hackers so i decided not to do any shopping online kindly refund my money and make me not eligible for the contest i dont want to participate in the contest also so refund my money which i had paid for the contest and i am clearly mentioning here i dont want any credit points just return my money i dont want to do online shopping here onwards.

reference no:17465383


Naveen Reddy

Naveen Reddy

Were you people not afraid of public even saying that i am not interested to participate in the contest kindly return my money of 699/- if am asking you my money not any of your cheap money making tip make sure me to get the money back.

Naveen Reddy

even you people said that i will get a recharge of 50/- to my mobile but i didnt get it as well so what can i think of you as a whole team of bastards...

Vijaya Sri

i have participated in a contest on 11/03/2013 and paid 599.00.Later this amount was credited to my account as points.

After so many attempts i was able to use my points fully on 28/05/2013 and paid rs.200.00 in addition and ordered a product ( OP 6448 REF NO 17744898)costs around 799.00 .

Till this date i did not receive the product.what is the position? whether I receive the assured product ( in good condition)? or else the money paid>? why such delay?

FLIPCART and some other companies they are doing good in online shopping.

I need speedy action and reply pl.