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Swati Shetty on 06 March 2013
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Fake Claims of earning $250 per day by Working from Home

Please beware of paying to anysites that claims that you can earn $250 per day by working from home. They are advertising heavy to get more victimes.. Sites like http://india.automated-paydays.com/?s1=410028&lp=3. Try to appear legitimate by creating another dummy site like http://newsonlineweekly.com/india/finance/tf.htm to validate their claims.. The government of india should do something to stop such work from home scams as lots of people have lost money. Its same like Speak Asia scams.

Dr.Anup Kumar

Good day some of these lottery are real i know this because i am a winner of this particular lottery you complained about i have claimed my winnings but you should note that i was instructed to contact their payment bank in London i only paid a few charges and my winnings was transferred to me i do advice you that you contact them but before this you should first of all send an email to (latestupdate1@gmail.com) in order to confirm if you were actually selected as one of the real winners i hope this helps you

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