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Kannan on 08 June 2011
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BBC national lottery cheating

You have won $500000.00 your mobile no was attached to lottery no.(06) (18) (23) (26) (32) (44) bonus(34)of draw no 1592 in bbc national lottery uk from: reserve bank of india subject: in lieu to the transfer of your funds into you bank account. To: @yahoo.In date: saturday, 21 may, 011, 5:20 am region: india {asian continent} 2 nd mail ahich I received attention dear award owner: accept our sincerely apology, for the slight delay in responding to your mail, it was an outcome of the processing of your winning documents. We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the winners selected on the bbc mobile lottery award. Your £500.000.00, winning certificate, a covering document of money laundering protection and letter of affidavit for claims from the british government stating that the money was obtained legally through the united kingdom bbc mobile lottery award has been finalized and ready for delivery. I'M proud to inform you that your winning details has been processed and verified by this office based on the winning data you have submitted: the reserve bank of india have been contacted earlier and they have agreed to carry out the conversion and transfer once the visiting diplomat presents the draft to the designated branch of foreign remittance department in india. Thus all the legal documentations for the remittance of your prize has been processed successfully, hence your payment of (500,000,000.Gbp.) From uk bbc one lottery has been approved to you for delivery by our diplomat. A certified cheque/Bank draft has been issued in your name by the london bbc company and authorized by the british government and will be deliver to you by our diplomat in charge of delivery "diplomat jerry scott", also he will be coming with all your necessary document, award certificate and insurance certificate of your award. Here are the information of diplomat in charge to deliver your award bank draft: dip. Jerry scott, special chief delivery officer will be leaving uk for india to make the delivery of your (uk bbc award bank draft) through virgin atlantic. Departure date/Time: may 19th 2011 being sun day by 9:35 pm london time. Arrival date/Time: may 20th 2011 being mon day, arrival time on ticket, 9.15am indian time. Once again, please ensure that you co-operate with him and follow his instructions and directives to avoid any delay in handing over your parcel to you because she has little time to spend in india your country. She will give you a call on his arrival to your country india international airport. Endeavor to take a picture of you & your family with him before he leaves your country for notification to the world advert. Note: our diplomat will call you once he arrives in your country airport. We advice you to help the less privileges kids in your country for that is one of the major reason why the united kingdom bbc mobile draw award board awarded this to individuals and company in various country without sales of ticket. Congratulations once again. Sincerely yours, claims manager, teddy olsen tel: 4021 email:bbc_one_ukclaims@live.Co.Uk http:/Www.Bbc.Co.Uk/Lottery you are to keep all your winning information away from the general public especially your ticket number and ballot number. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained) 2 nd mail for this guy chief general manager-in-charge, funds remittance department reserve bank of india. Central office, 6, sansad marg, parliament street connaught place. India. 3 rd mail which I received valued customer in lieu to the transfer of your funds into you bank account. You are welcome to reserve bank of india (rbi). We are pleased to be at your service. This is to notify you that we have receive a draft/Cheque of £500,000.00 gbp from your processing official mr. J scott in respect of your won prize from the bbc uk lottery, which have also been referred to us for transfer into your account, be informed that your fund supplied to us is in a bonded draft in pounds sterling's, which has fully been processed by the insurance and ministry of finance with the endorsement stamp as well as the approval of the governor of the reserve bank. An online account has been open for you to enable you transfer your fund to your designated bank account which you have provided. An online transit account has been reserved for you and have been adequately credited with the sum of £500,000.00 gbp which have be converted to 0.48 inr for transfer as received from your delivery agent mr. J scott therefore, your current account balance is 0.48 inr with this account; you will have to transfer the fund online by yourself by following the instructions below carefully. To view your account's statement, you are to login to our secure customers area with your customer number through our transfer login homepage at direct online banking login access, click on this site to login link: http:/Rbi.Org.In/Onlineaccess/ Once you are there. You will find customer login click on "" to access your account's statement and make the transfer by your self by following the directions: your transfer details are below: customer no.: 40142921account no.: Rb9422430225 our credit facilities are subject to status. Further, we reserve the right to decline an account application. We believe it is important to make clear to our customers how information is being used at reserve bank of india (rbi), the benefits such use provides, and the protections put in place against unauthorized access and use. We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Contact the undersigned to be privacy for further clarification. For any help and problems required do not hesitate to contact your processing official mrs. Jennifer scott. If you find any problem opening the abovelink, kindly contact us or your processing officer mr. J scott for assistance. Treat with dispatch and reply to our official email address below. Note: a copy of this email also forwarded to your delivery agent mr. J scott for further assistance. We look forward to serve you betterthank you. Best regards customer service department reserve bank of india email: @e-rbionlitb.Com 4 th mail which I received welcome to reserve bank of india chief general manager-in-charge, funds remittance department reserve bank of india. Central office, 6, sansad marg, parliament street connaught place. Sir, you are to transfer your total amount which has been reflected on your online account. Enter the amount as .48. Your account has been reset toenable you transfer the full amount once.For the cost of transfer code you are required to pay rs. ,000 for the cot code to be issued to you. Please make this payment to the correspondence account below: account name: salam iboyai singhaccount number: 2775000100038164pan no: atppa8813zbank: punjab national bank best regardscustomer service departmentreserve bank of indiaemail: @e-rbionlitb.Com that guys numbers 0136 4761 - sonia new delhi please let them check and catch this guy . I dont know what to do this guys where they are . Please catch and punsih them immediately. Thanks @ regards kannan 8336 @yahoo.In

Jyot Kumar

Ya I also received this type of mail.

Bisu Jha

This is a false lottery. I have lost my money and my ID proof. I don't get any money. Now jerry scott is not recieved my call. Please don't trust to mr. Jerry scott.

I have given rs.25000/ To account name naom nghaite. But I don' get any money..............


Yes thi is false. That guy name- mr. Jerry scott.

His contact number is- 9953410136 his account number is- naom ngaihte(hdfc) 03681000055871 pan card no. Alfpn7548eifsc hdfc0000368 branch-nacharam (which is given me)please catch that guy and punish him..

Dougles Fox

Dear it is true and sure you get it

If you are a truly winner if you want to check your payment file and get your winning prizes send your payment file I'd full name home address mobile no.below email


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