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Pratibha on 06 June 2011
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Defiance of act by government public servant I.E., Deficiency of service

I, pratibha mehra, aged about 67 years, a senior citizen of india, made rti application dated: -11. I would like to acknowledge the letter which was made received with vexatious motive behind these proceedings. The malfunctioning and corruption in dept. Has deprived me from the kind working smoothly. No information and action has been divulged on my rti application so far without assigning any reasons, hence this deficiency of service. 1. I had filed an application for information under the right to information act 2005 section 6(1) dated [11-02-2011], the application was accompanied by a ipo of rs. 0.00 (nr: 89e 75), as payment for application fees. The rti application was sent by speed post vide speed post receipt nr: eu981420985in and was delivered to them on 010. However the pio/Department has refused to provide me the information even after stipulated 30 days of submission of the application, I.E., It was construed deemed refusal. 2. This clearly shows that pio is playing with public and public interest after holding such positions and thus functioning at the govt. Office by his rulings. 3. Since the action of respondent has caused financial and mental injury to me, it is a criminal offence u/S 166 of ipc. Defiance of act by government public servant is a serious matter and if not checked with iron hands it will make mockery of rti act. Since the information was not provided within the stipulated time, and till now also, the officers are deficient in service and hence punishable for their act.