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Amit Ranat on 09 February 2013
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Reliance Life Insurance Fraud and Scam

Dear Sir, This is my complain against Reliance Life Insurance Branch of New Delhi Preet Vihar Branch. On 13th December i got a call from Mohammad Asif stating he is from Mumbai head branch and want to give me details regarding Special Reliance Money Back Guarantee Plan. Policy No - 2308 Details are : If i take plan in special login period bonus i will get is on Investment of Rs ,000 but i insisted to show low investment, he showed me Rs 15000/Year Benefit as follows : Yearly Investment - Rs 5000 for 5 years Bonus - Reliance Health Wise Insurance Policy for 4 members covering 1 lac for each in any type of medical treatment. Agent Commission - 20% of first premium paid within 45 days to be credited in account by Reliance Life. 200% Guaranteed Bonus of first premium in 6th Year. 80% Loan Amount of sum assured. Sum assured - 1.5 Lacs and on maturity total benefits of ,000 at end of 15 year. Sum assured was only ,500 in policy document. They played game with me till 16 January 2013 as i registered my policy on 29th december as i paid 2 cheques as they told it will do and i will be liable for all benefits even i provide P.D Cheque on 13th December 012. When i got policy documents on 4th January 2013 nothing was mentioned in it which they told to me so i called them for clarification but they told that i will get another documents from Reliance Life Mumbai within next 15 days and my loan amount will be approved on 16th January 2013 finally. But nothing happened on that date too. Lastly on 21st January 2013 i complained to IRDA and other higher authorities and next day the agents call starts coming that as now days process is interrupted from Head Reliance Branch there is a delay in your process. And requested me to wait till 30th January 2013 so that my documents will be dispatch from there n i will receive till 5th Feb 013. That stupid agent told that i will loss my job if i cancel my policy so i thought to trust it after much arguing and i still have records for that. Finally 5th Feb 2013 came but they were just making excuses that my address were wrong and all so i finally understood its a SCAM FRAUD RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY SOLD to me and their agent also told me we cant provide with any benefits so better continue with policy as no one is going to Help u in cancellation process. Its been 15 days IRDA and Reliance Life Insurance has not done process on my complaint as i was told it will get resolved within 15 days. NO ACTION TAKEN YET. Mr. Anil Ambani should know this. I should write a letter to him also soon. This type of SCAM is not possible without permission from HIGHER authorities so from senior to junior everybody is involved in this Scam malpractices of selling Fraud Reliance Life Insurance Policy to customers by Tele-Marketing. I will be updating all contact details of those Fraud Persons and its my request to Head Reliance Person to take necessary action at the earliest and to remove this people from their respective Jobs as it is spoiling Reliance Brand Name and Customer Satisfaction ratio. I am totally dissatisfied with Reliance Life and i will not be satisfied until further action is taken and my full money is refunded to me without deducting any charges as we have not bought policy to make deduction without reason and to fake policy. This persons are so brave that they even told me i can do whatever i can and told me few bad words too as nothing is going to happen to them. Wow for sure High Authorities are involved in this. To the point i am going to complain against them in Crime Branch and also to other higher authorities as i dont want that other people gets victim of this scam. I am also into process of giving this scam in Leading Newspaper through my Press Contacts. Details of Fraud Reliance Life Insurance Agents : Name of Agent - Mobile Number Mohammad Asif - 6972 Sumit Jain - 1725 Sumit Jain - 5579 Reliance Health - 6134 (Mr. Aditya, Mr. Ashok) Reliance Finance - 0176 (Mr. Mukul) Reliance Health - 3601 E-Mail Id – @relianceada.com @relianceada.com Public Request - Never take any policy from Reliance Life Insurance or any company promising u this type of benefits. Other victims to get my support u can contact me on @yahoo.co.in and do not forget to mention in subject "Reliance Fraud" so that i can read if it is in spam folder.

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