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Jackson Kisku on 06 June 2011
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Misleading information by Adept Technology for professional certification course

Hi sir, I was approached by adept technology for management certification course - pmp(project management professional) on 6th may 011, offering me an early bird discount for the course to be conducted at discounted fees of 00/- Date : 14th,15th,21st & 22nd may venue : hotel silver ferns -32, community centre saket new delhi-110 017 I enrolled for the course & paid the fees in two installment within a week (enrollment fee - 5k (6th may) & bal- 6k (11th may)via wire tranfer through ICICI bank in full. Since then these people have been misleading me with the dates with a promise that the course will be held the following week. First two weeks they reported trainer met with an accident & now they dont have a trainer to conduct the course & no clear communication other than sorry the training has been cancelled & postponed! I had travelled to pune for office work on 24th & 25th may & to meet my family & spend time with them from 26th to 29th may as my mom had a domestic accident & was hospitalized in pune & I needed to spend time with them however based on these guys inputs I had to travel back to delhi on 27th friday only to be told course has been postponed again. Being an it support professional in a leadership role, weekends are equally important for business as are weekdays & I've been taking exceptions from my bosses for last 4 weekends with no results!!! both on personal & professional front I'M impacted due to adept technology's misleading information. On 2nd june,11 I was informed that course in on schedule & again on 3rd june I was informed the welcome letter is being prepared & by evening of 3rd june I'M told its cancelled. Every time I've called & spoken to institute coordinators I've been getting misleading information & lies & excuses. On asking refund of fees or executing the course as promised now they have started avoiding my calls & if picked they transfer me internally & finally hang up on me. I sent an official email @adeptechno.Com on friday with this email letting them know I'M taking this matter to consumer forum to which they have neither bothered to respond or call me back in last 3 days. > Two coordinators - praveena & priya.S (no last names on their email ID or email signature)& last person I spoke to was sushila - on asking her full name she says she doesnt have a last name! since this institute is chennai based I dont know how to handle this as I cant walk into their office as I'M in gurgaon. I've been mentally harassed & feel cheated by this organization. I need refund of money since I dont trust the integrity of this institute any more! please contact me for any further information. Regards, jackson kisku 3124 palam vihar, gurgaon. Further relevant details: adept technology head office address : new no. 80 third floor cathedral road chennai : 0086 tamil nadu ,india . Adept technology phone number : (44) 7738 7389 adept technology website : www.Adeptechno.Com fees transfered to account holder name: adept technology pvt ltd. Bank name: ICICI bank account number: 1424 account type: current account branch: punjagutta, hyderabad > all the sms's were communicated via 3039

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Shashank Dhekle

Don't worry someone will.

Don't pay them in advance.

Ask for every details. Its ok if you do not get any discount its better than losing all your money.


Hey guys

a gentleman named mufaddal mala who's been a victim of similar incident by adept like all of us has taken an initiative & informed exin vp & getting his money back. He's also taking initiative of suing them in consumer court & I'M joining him by providing relevent support. If you want to join us please get back.



Shashank Dhekle

Hi jackson

I would like to join you in this battle.

Please let me know the details.




Hi jackson

please let me know as well. I have all details.



Mufaddal Mala

Hi I have managed to get my cheque from adept. Have deposited it in the bank.. lets see whether it clears or not..

my contact details are as follows:

mufaddal mala

mobile: +918767555991

email: mufi@mufi.In

please post an email to me with your email address and mobile no as well. I am meeting a lawyer tomorrow and I am going to file a case for mental harassment / Torture / Delay in my refund / Misguiding other students.

Shashank Dhekle

Hi I have received my refund in full.

Please feel free to contact if you need any help.

Also thanks mufi for helping out.


regards shashank

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