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Amar Bansal on 06 June 2011
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Skoda Fabia central locking wire damaged by company mechanic

To, ceo general manager managing directer's board member's & complaint dept. Of skoda co. Sir, I amar bansal from delhi india have purchased skoda fabia in jan. 2011 thought that its good brand but now I M very shocking by seeing behavior of service & complaint dept. I want to told u that my car's driver side viewing miror had been stop working before 10 days. I purchase this car from nawab motors delhi so I went to them only to check my car's problem on 30th may. In morning I dropped my car their & pick in the evening, then in afternoon adviser mike a call 2 me n said that your car mirror's houzing clips are broken it will not be change in warranty it will be payable I said ok change it. When I came back home I saw that car's central locking is not working then next morning I took my car to fahrenheit automobile pvt. Ltd. At 31st may then adviser kapil made the job card he said that leave your car n I'LL call u tomorrow when it will be ok their must be some wire's connection problem I'LL check it out it will come under warranty I came back. Next day, 01st june 2011 at noon time kapil make call to me & said that your car is ready, told me its fuse was damaged. I go to the fahrenheit service center. After billing of fuse I came to car its central locking still not working I shocked kapil call the technion he change the fuse & it damaged agian. Then kapil said that u have to leave your car one more day with us then I came back after that kapil call me & said that your central locking wire is damaged from the driver side viewing mirror which was change by the nawab motors while changing the mirror & the wires will not changed under warranty it will be payable. And my car is still with fahrenheit automobiles. Now my question is why I will pay for it when it's been broken by the skoda's mechanic. Another problem is that is listening to me I ever had complaint on the no. 4646 my compliant no is 745. As it was made on 03 june 2011 but they also DID't respond to my complaint. I thought is good company but it is not so. Even I planned to purchase one skoda superb on coming dewali but after watching your companies best service consistence I will definitely not going to buy your product again. If u people have some part of shame then solve my problem & show that costumer satisfaction is your first priority. Or we will meet in consumer court soon. Amar bansal 5125