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Pallav Maheshwari on 28 January 2013
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Bharat Gas distributor compelling to buy stove

I had applied for a new connection as I have started living in a rented apartment in SFS Mansarovar Jaipur. After all formalities of applying for a new connection, Rajeev Gas service(Bharat gas distributor in Mansarovar, Jaipur) has asked me to either buy a gas stove from him(2350/-) or produce a bill of recent purchase of double burner ISI marked gas stove. I already have a gas stove of Superflame company ISI mark bought 5 years ago. The distributor company representative doesn't care about this stove. He wants me to buy a new stove or produce a bill of recently purchased stove. Now where does this rule come from? And does the distributor wants to say that a 5 years old stove is not safe? Now what are the options available with me?