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Rajmohan on 21 January 2013
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Online fraud happened hacking my ICICI bank credit card

I am rajmohan , residing in bangalore. Some one hacked my ICICI credit card details and made an online transaction for usd 174 . I got to know by sms alert. I was shocked to see this international transaction. When I called customer care number they are asking me file an fir in near by police station. I spoke to phone banking officer name mr. Karim but phone banking officer is not taking this as compliant for dispute in transaction. When they are not ready to take compliant there will not be any action from their side to stop this fraud happening to other customers. My card number :XXXX XXXX XXXX 0006 merchant name : entropay from uk date of transaction made : 19- jan-2013, 11:12 pm ist

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SaratChandra Varanasi

Thanks for the information Rajmohan.

Ananth Kumar


I an also victim of similar case. My number also ends with 006. By looking at this pattern it is very clear that entropay is allowing this transaction without 3D authentication and just by taking credit card. ICICI is producting fake report. ICICI is biggest fraud bank in this matter. I am fighting similar case with them . Similar transaction with entropay name which happened 3 months back for me. It is still not resolved. They have registered a complaint closed it after 3 months. For heavens sake I am a previlaged customer of them. They dont have any respect for that word.ICICI produces a fake report saying that transaction has happened through 3d authentication which is not true. Dont leave them just like that. Go to consumer court RBI and police. We need to teach them a lesson for cheating innocent people . Go to media and make this news public. I hope god will teach them a lesson quickly.

Icici Bank

Dear Mr. Sarat

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please send us your contact details at care@icicibank.com and our official will get back to you soon to assist you. Kindly refer '3967466 'in the subject line.


ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

Ananth Kumar

Based on meetings held with RBI ICICI has now promised to pay back the amount . Hope they will do it soon and win back the trust of customer...

Rajmohan R

I just got a response from bank:

They are asking to co-ordinate with merchant when iasked merchant they are saying it will be provided on request from Bank.

Bad thing is they did not block the merchant.

Hi Ananth what you said is true ?


1) Which location and shipping address use.

Bank's Response: We request you to co-ordinate with the merchant for details.

2) What e-mail and mobile number used for the transaction.

Bank's Response: The e-mail Id and mobile number registered in our records were used.

3) Have you blocked the merchant if not why?

Bank's Response: As per Bank's policy we have not blocked this merchant as on today.

Sanjay Kumar


I am also victim of similar case. There was a online fraud of Swedish Krona SEK 5071 i.e. Rs.44456 on my ICICI Amex Credit Card. Please look at my complaint at the following link


Please advice I am looking forward to the icici bank to resolve this issue.