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Faruk Ali Ahmed on 21 January 2013
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Bag it today fraud offer 30k natural diamonds

I had received a call from a customer executive named amit from a phone number 3950 on 2013 that he is calling from bagittoday and I have been chosen as the lucky winner from entire north-east,as bagittoday is celebrating 3 years and I have been offered a great deal and asked me to pay a sum of rs.14,999.00 only and I would get diamonds of worth rs.30,000 along with I ball mobile + panasonic rice cooker + maxima combo watch + bhpc sunglass totally free and many offers like I will get a rebate of minimum 00/- If I buy anything etc. The executive committed me that I can resell these diamonds and I'LL get the exact worth of that and if I get less than I can claim from bagittoday.And also that there is a moneyback guarantee for this offeri.E it is fully refundable, in case I dont get the full value of those diamonds. Looking at the options, I chose to go for this offer and I purchased it for rs.14999/- . I have paid the money through netbanking the particulars are 18-jan-2013 to transfer (18-jan-2013) inb bagittoday bagit2day payments msbi2898631053igf5209993 transfer to 0840 billdesk transaction a .00. I got the email: thank you for your order. Your order ID is: 800. (Please note the order ID. No. For future reference.) You have made a successful credit card payment for an amount of rs 99.0 kindly give us 2-7 days for processing of your order. You will receive an email and a sms with your dispatch details soon. For any further assistance call us at 2424 or email us at @bagittoday.Com quoting the above mentioned order ID now, wen I spoke to their customer care on 013, they informed me that I cannot sell the diamonds in the market as they are not worth rs.30,000 as said by bagittoday and I have also confirmed with the local shops that the price of 30 cents round cutting diamonds can't have cost rs.30,000/-.On 22.01.2013,I wrote a email to the @bagittoday.Com to cancel the above order,but no response I got. Today,I called them,I told them to cancel the order,they told me that they cannot cancel the order,now they are talking about their refund policies,I had asked many times while paying that is it refundable or not,at that time they told me that it is fully refundable.Now they have changed their policies.The name of the executives are amit,sandip,one male and one female was also there.This is sheer cheating and fraudulent activities carried out by this company to lure consumers in a fake offer. I also searched the internet for this type of fraud and have found that there are several incidents lodged by other victims on consumercourt.In and econsumercomplaints.Com I think strict action should be taken against such a fraud company and it should be shut down completely so that it doesn't loot more consumers. Please do the needful to stop such fraudulent activities of misinformation and cheating.I am afraid of being cheated.Please take appropriate action against the fraudsters and help me to get my money back. Thanks and regards, faruk ali ahmed +91 4527

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