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Srishti Chakrabarti on 21 January 2013
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Phishing/Skimming from Hdfc atm card

On 19th january in the morning around 5.10 a.M. I receive an sms from hdfc bank stating that my debit card (no. 5326 7601 0770 684) has been used for a debit of rs. ,383 in CD obregon at soriana 232 borlaug. After checking for the location of the city obregon, I found that this is a city in mexico where my card has been used. However, I have been staying in bangalore. Moreover, my bank statement reflects that it is a pos transaction which means that the forged card has been swiped there whereas the original and authentic debit card is in my possession in bangalore. I went to the bank and have informed them about the same. They said they will investigate and will let me know whether I will get the money refunded. They DID not assure the refund of my money. They cannot even blame that my password has been compromised through net banking in some unauthorized or insecure gateway. The transaction clearly reflects a pos that is point of sale which means that the card has been swiped.

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Neha Jishtu

Hi Np P

Great news ya ..Thank God ..

My branch said they would require more time till the 23rd of Feb because of " external dependencies " .I don't know what is taking so long .I myself have contacted the merchant in Mexico ..It is a retail outlet called Soriana in Sorona state of Mexico . They have confirmed on mail that on the 18th Jan at the same time as mentioned by me 2 transactions of the same value as my fraud have been done in person by swiping a card . Clearly data has been skimmed !!!!

I do not understand that if I can find out all this through GOOGLE how is HDFC's risk team unable to give me any response !!!!

I'm shocked & annoyed ..

Neha Jishtu

hi all

i have spoken to someone from the print media . she has suggested that we all put it together as a case . it will make it stronger and louder for the bank to hear . pls let me know . our frauds have been through the same merchant and around the same dates . pls let me know . if you would be interested in sharing your details as well pls mail me: n_jisht@hotmail.com

Np P

Hi Neha

All the Banks have given in written to print media already that it will refund the money for all valid cases so be assured that you WILL get your money back.(Read yesterday's TOI.. front page). "External dependency" is that money has to be claimed against insurance it takes time mostly to get approval cause of that only. Keep on pinging the bank don't just rely on mails remain in touch with bank people that you can "see" and "know" names of. Call call call.. or visit visit visit shout if required.. but don't just rely on mails.

@Others What bout u guys? Anybody got the refund?

Neha Jishtu

hi Np P

Finally i too received a call from the bank asking for passport copy police complaint copy cardholder dispute form & debit card copy .It seems a little positive now as I have been assured of getting my money back before this month end . I hope it work out .

Srishti Chakrabarti

Hi all.. even I got my money back on Tuesday...

I am sure the rest of you will get yours too... The person with whom I was communicating has told me that quite a few cases like this are still pending.... So I strongly believe that the rest of you will eventually get it back...

Gsiri Siri

hey guys....

so sorry for the LATE update...

guys even i received the money back on 15th early morning... finally everything went smoothly... :) i was laughing when i read our first chats... we were sooo angry and frustrated... anyways guys... it was great getting in touch with u all. keep in touch guys.... have funn.. njoi !!!