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Vaibhav Sawant on 16 January 2013
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Shophunk.Com cheating

I received an email from shophunk.Com for a contest. I visited there website and it told me play a contest. Where this wesite says to buy iphone for 699 rs., If I win the contest I will get iphone otherwise "the money will be refunded to me". Nowehere during this whole purchase it is mentioned that my money will get stuck at shophunk.Com. It said about refunding the money. I made the purchase of 699 for the contest and I DID not receive any confirmation or declaration from shophunk. Instead I logged with my account and found that the ammount I paid 699rs shows in credits. Which means there was no contest and it was a robbery to trap my money with them, so that I am forced to purchase their product using the credit. There is no information about the contest. There is no contest!!! its just a way to trap your money. Moreover although knowing I am fooled, to recover my trapped money, I went on their website to purchase. All the products are priced high and compare it with any other online wesite. They have knowingly kept high price, coz the trapped and the robbed customer will have to buy their high priced product to recover his stuck money. Nevertheless I paid more and bought a product and there is no confirmation. I call there so called support, I get message phone is busy call later. No ivr whatsoever. Finally when I reach they hung up on me. When I asked supervisor they disconnected the call. Finally after fighting with a lady there, I get my confirmation. Nevertheless shophunk.Com is a fraud company, they rob and trap your money and force you to buy expensive product. I will update the future happenings later.

Amit Kadam

yes those are fraud

even i also made purchase for rs399 and i send mail to their customer care but till yet they not refunded my money

AnandaRabi Dhar

They took Rs. 899 for Samsung Galaxy contest. I was informed that I did not qualify and I had to purchase something with the credit amount of Rs. 899. I paid another Rs. 311 for a woman FastTrack Bag on 23 May 2013. They have not yet delivered the item. And they are not giving me any updates on my repeated reminders and calls. All my money is gone. And our Govt. is silent spectator as this fraud company is running the show with Govt. license and cheating the public. Shame on us and our country.

Sonam Powar

@Vaibhav Sawant @Amit Kadam @AnandaRabi Dhar: I understand by the words of company that it is a CONTEST and it means a lucky draw I also participated i many contests before if u participated in contest some times u may win sometimes not right?

It is not fraud thing in nature the word contest means it is a competition and the winner takes the prize and other participants( contestants) would receive the cash back in the form of points by the terms of conditions what they mentioned. by using those points we can purchase anything from shophunk website. i also participated in this contest but i also lost but i have red all the Terms and conditions before participating in to it then only participated. now im using my credit points to shop in that website.

My sincere request for u people before doing anything please know about that fully. dont do anything with half mind. Your comments are deformatory in nature which is bad in law.