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Brijesh Singh on 14 January 2013
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Illegal withdrawal of money from my bank account in sbbj

Respected sir, I am brijesh singh my account no was 1137 in state bank of bikaner and jaipur,pali-marwar branch (rajasthan),I suffered a loss of rs 5000 illegaly withdrawn from my account without my notice by a debit card.A few days back I went to my uncle's house in pune where during my stay ,I gave my debit card to my brother for purchasing ticket on believing that he would never betray me but he betrayed me and withdrawed 75000rs by keeping me in dark.One month after that when I went to bank for statement perspective I came to found that he withdrawd all my money without my notice.He made a online shopping using my debit card for all his pleasure.He started shopping from 19 nov,2012 to 9 jan,2013.I want severe action against him,he took my hard earned money. So sir,I humbly requesting you to take some action in this regard and help me to get my money back as soon as possible. Yor faithfully,brijesh singh