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Udaykumar Shetty on 09 January 2013
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Personal loan 0% interest from reliance capital

Today I received a call from delhi based ph no. 6300 & 9700 name told that chandra mohan sharma mobile no. 6668 he said he calling from reliance capital, reliance offering you 0% personal loan rs. 00/- By paying rs. 000/ Pa for 10 years. But first instalment pay in advance rs. 00/- For completing the inurance formalities , I said you deduct the amount from by loan disbursement and pay the balance amount, he said it is not possiable, if it is not possiable than you are doing fraud business I said, I hope this people doing fraud business hence pl, take care while doing the business with this people

Rajesh Bhojannavar

I received call from landline: +9111139974672 / +911139974669 delhi number. I received a call from reliance capital company executive He offered me a 0% interest rate loan up to 20 lac. Said need send doc along with 50000 chk in the name of Reliance ins co. Insurance policy will be generated & nominee will be Reliance Capital. This way Reliance capital will give Loan to its eligible customer. Exec said Reliance capital is planning to come into banking sector & hence to gain customer base is initiating loans this way to eligible customers. *** Is this true** cant believe.. any one got a loan from reliance capital with 0%... please reply..