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Runa Mookerjee on 19 December 2012
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Cheated by star cj's inability to meet its own promises

It is soon going to be the one year annivesary of my inalsa food processor, which is now a showpiece at our home !! the product was ordered on 22dec 2011 and promptly delivered on 25 dec 2011 , with a broken blender jar, that I could not use. I called the star cj shop "helpline" immediately who said, dont worry just start using the product and we will replace the jar in one week next call - in 15 days next call - in one week and so it continued ... every two weeks by april, I had made 20 calls to the call center, spoke to about 5-20 different people, and also many supervisors they all assured me of prompt service and immeadiate action - nobody delivered. Then in may, the main processor stopped. I was too tired to do anything about it by now. All I have is bad afters- ales service, a broken down product and a legacy of high phone bills (my bills averaged over a thousand rupees over 6 months that I kept calling these people) I don't believe in "shop now online or shop now on the phone " anymore. It was a bad idea ! shame on you star cj. Shame on you inalsa, for chosing star cj to parner with you, and never checking their quality of service or what happens to product satisfaction.

Runa Mookerjee

Amazingly two weeks after I posted the above and linked it to my complaint on the star cj website I received a call from them and also finally a working replacement of my product. This time around I checked its condition before accepting delivery !!

Star Cj Alive

Dear ma'am

we hope our customer care team has resolved your issue and hope you will visit star cj for your next purchase.

Kind regards

star cj team