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Tisha on 01 June 2011
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Careless doctors in Sri Balaji Action Hospital

Sorry for delay msg but just now I got the online consumer court form, that why now I would like to share what mentally harassment we have faced, and still we are facing.My father was admitted there because of unconsciousness and neurology doctor was treated to him but on the second day doctor said he is having breathing problem and chest respective team will be handle, but neurology doctor said they have shortage of beds and bcoz of this he will be in neurology icu and day by day his condition was worst but no chest respective doctor came to see infact neurology doctor also dont meet with the family of the patient and after 1 week he died and hospital guard call us when we reach to icu room there were no doctor, only sister was there to see the patient. Please help we dont want same situation will happen with others. This is because of hospital doesnt provide services and some doctors attitude.

Nikhil Sethi

I am very small cutomer from balaji action hospital I am asking balaji action two doctors shame you dr sushil and dr sharad we have going in balaji action hospital in 15 1 2012 in night 11.30 pm my grand mother is very serious chanan devi hospital after first aid refer to balaji action hospital he is 50 minutes orgumets to me he is asking to me you are go and come tommorow in opd but I am not going I am telling to doctors please my grand mother is very serious ok I am going I am telling to doctors but you are responcible my grand mother is any hapening in midnight you are responcible after 1 hour doctors is agree ok I am admit this patient actually my grand mother in cghs panel doctors is asking to me doctors is asking to me my grand mother is normal I am not show in cghs panel she is serious but very next day she is very serious in hdu and she is stay in hdu 4 days please hel me this doctors to enquiry and take action


On 24 may 2011 I went to balaji action hospital with my mother and her layest done D tests reports she was feeling vomiting sensation too much that she could not eat anything instead of treating her for this problem the physician team dr. Sudip sehra & anurag garg (the wrong information about the patient was passed on by dr. Sandeep bhalla to this physician team who kept her in hdu where she was not given any food for 3 days and not even liquid diet she even asked many- many times that she is feel thirsty and hungry but the hospital didn’t listened to her except torturing her and in these 3 days they kept doing all the test which were not required: whole body X ray ultrasound mri ct scan ecg just to make money. On first day I.E. On 24 may her hb was 9 next day hospital report showed hb count 8 3rd day it came to 7 and they told us she is anaemic so she was given 1 unit blood and the syringe was wrongly inserted for blood drip by hdu nurse on duty on 26th may. They have kept un-trained nurses in hdu.

After 3 days when she was shifted to ward she looked all the more week than before and she could not even chew food after that. Moreover she could not even take liquid. They discharged her after a week saying that she is perfectly ok now but it was not the case still she would not have hard or soft diet. She could not survive for a week after she was discharged. It was only because she was not treated properly and was tortured by conducting all the test on her rather than treaing her. Dr. Maichand and dr. Sandeep bhalla dr. Anurag garg dr. Sehra was solely responsible for this. We should take the licence of such doctors who would kill patients rather than treating them.