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Abc on 31 May 2011
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Polling and presiding officers are not paid for election training duty

Dear sirs, this is regarding remuneration paid to poll officers of dibrugarh district, assam for recently held election on .11. We would like to draw attention on the payment made to presiding/Polling officers of dibrugarh district for election duty. The amount paid against one poll party ( 1 presiding and 3 polling officer) is rs. 2550 where is in our neighboring district tinsukia had paid amount more then rs. 000. Why is this discrepancy ? dibrugarh district has not paid anything for attending election training which tinsukia district DID. Dibrugarh district never paid anything for attending election training in past election also. Also, we would like to draw attention on the less qty of diseal/Petrol and contaminated diseal/Petrol issued to the drivers on previous day for carrying polling part to the poll station. Drivers were on strike and refused to ply vehicle on time. We reached poll station at night and some of poll stations were without electricity. As a result, we poll officers lost 4 hours of daylight which we could have used for preparation of poll station and filling up forms. We failed to understand why dibrugarh district election commissioner invariably fails to solve this drivers strike like all previous election. There must be some big money making nexus between officers involved in election. That is why this drivers strike always crop up. You may check your video taken by your people and press reporters. Polling officers posted tinsukia district never faced such kind of hardship ever. They are as always better managed then dibrugarh district. We draw above to your attention and speedy action on this, so that we get our dues back. Poll officers of dibrugarh district

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