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Kazi Sabyasachi on 30 November 2012
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Hdfc credit card fraud transaction through entropay UK

I am hdfc credit card holder. On 14th oct, 2012 I received a sms from hdfc bank that two transactions happened on my account through entropay uk london. Transaction reference numbers 1) 0095 and 2) 315. Each transaction of rs.35787.96. Immediately I called hdfc customer care and blocked my card( ref number-12288543102) and asked them to stop payment to the merchant. They said card block is possible but payment cant be stop. Next day morning I placed complaint letter with filled disputed form. I also placed a police diary(number 76) at local police station(ramamurthy nagar,bangalore). After some days I received a call from hdfc bank about the disputed transaction and they informed me that they will do investigation and will take 45 days. Today(29-11-2012) I got a letter from hdfc bank that they are done with the investigation and according to that those transactions were legal so I have to pay rs.75,000(with interest). They DID not given any more information like from where those transactions happened, what product, from whice ip address, location etc. I am going to place a complaint to cyber crime, rbi and bank to investigate properly. Please take my complain against the hdfc bank. I never shared my credit card detail with anyone and the card is still with me. I dont want to pay money for which I dis not do anything. The bank is not doing proper investigation.


You may search this site for my earlier posts on how to deal with this type of situation. If you need any further help you can call me on 9730070534