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Bernard on 27 November 2012
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Hp gas re-fill (subsidized)

Hi, I hp gas connection in nagpur and the distributor is kale gas company kale gas 00). As per govt. Law the subsidized gas re-fill after 14 sep 2012 till mar-2012 would be 3 and that stands true for me as well. I had ordered a gas re-fill via phone on 24 aug 012, and after several followup they gave me the re-fill on 29 sep 2012 that means more than 1 month waiting. In my record on net and even with kale gas they have entry that they gave me re-fill on 14 sep 2012 and then they have another entry that I ordered another re-fill on 29 sep 2012 and I got the re-fill on same day, which is not possible at all. I explained them and asked them to re-check and they finally agreed after several visit of mine to their office in nagpur that its their mistake. They had locked my account also as they said they charged me less for my last re-fill as they should charge me 966 (no subsidized rate) and they took only 452 (subsidized rate). As per rule and calculation I should get 1 more gas re-fill as it was hp's delay that I ordered re-fill on 24 aug, I should have got it by 12 sep or 13 sep 2012 but due to their delay and mistake they DID not give me that and due to which they put 1 extra re-fill which was not real. I registered a complain with hp website with ref. No. 9664 on 26 nov 2012 (14:35 hrs) and till now no response from them (sad) my consumer number is : 4935 regards bernard


Another thing is kale gas company ph. No. 07122583210 never answers the call. Even the hp customer service no. Of nagpur ph.No. 07122547083 (I got it from hp website) never answers the call.

This is really sad that hp is giving such kind of service.

See we pay prices are going up but what about the service.

Even I have to take the gas from the go-down as per their website they should give me re-bate but in real they do not give any re-bate.



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