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Mr. Dutta on 20 November 2012
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Eduguru consultancy fraud employment agency in india

This company claims to help candidates to search overseas employment, facilitate interview and salary negotiation. In case of successful job offer candidate has to pay an amount equivalent to first few months salary. But during application process candidate has to pay 10k to 15k as security deposit which is refundable if company is unable to find any offer. The company frequently changes it\'s office and does not have any permanent location. When asked about their success, no information is provided. The company uses public domain for email communication which looks very suspicious. Even I guess the registration number mentioned in their website is not correct. I am 100% this is a fraud company. They collect 10-15k from each candidate and do nothing. Even not sure will they even pay back these amount. Company website, https:/Www.Eduguru.Co/Contact_us.Html current address, address eduguru consultancy tm D. J. Business services, 20, ground floor, gold tower, residency road, bengaluru - 0025 (opposite to:- bishop cotton girls’/Boys\' school, at residency road) tel - 080 166, cell- 7049

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Amitabh Koushik

So Please consider these factors in advance to start


1) I think it is not fast and not a corporate type

2) assistance to process visa application after getting job offer is nominal or not adequate but no problem applicant can manage actually job and offer is issue then visa application process is not a issue nowadays

3) these people will not assist to apply for PR

4) they will not update and no follow up so boring to applicants

5) not guarantee and or not give assurance always a negative approach? I know guaranteeing is not possible to overseas processing but some assurance ..anyhow better to applicants

6) application form tough and take 4-5 days to fill up? actually in 2005 it was some more tough

7) not maintain a good permanent office and full time employees I think as part of reducing expense but..


1) if a placement through this agency that may matching one and deserved one from my experience

2) initial expense wise too flexible and very nominal no need original documents ..so risk factor is its minimum

3) agency commission also flexible and after getting placed only we can negotiate to reduce

4) explaining all things including expenses if have through webpage not any hidden cost or claim if go through line by line in webpage no chance to misguide or confuse?

Suggestion to applicants

If looking a fast process don't do this .and if you look a corporate professional agency service don't do with these people then if you have a good employment here and looking relocation to abroad if chance a fully matching offer only and processing time is not a constraint try once. and if once applied not withdraw if not have urgency

Nithu Rajagiri

Hi frends

Nithu Rajagiri

Hi frendz is eduguru good or fake?does anyone really got job by this consultancy to australia or anyother countries.im planning to apply for traineeship of doctors in australia.plz reply me as soon as possible.my email id is nithurajagiri@gmail.com.thnx in advance

Palvai Manasa

Hiii Is eduguru trustworthy. Dis anyone succeded through this consultancy ? Please lemme know. Else do you have information of any other consutancy which is trustworthy for abroad jobs. Please reply ASAP...

Anandh Babu

In my experience... friends plz..don't apply tis type of consultancy...its one of leading fake overseas consultancy in india..i request to indian goverenment plz stop tis type of consultancy because poor people more affect from tis...I'm also one of the foolish in tis consultancy list...i request people plz aware do not apply....

Vinoth T

tell me a good agency for seekig abroad jo my id is senvinoth656@gmail.com