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Ashwani Yadav on 19 November 2012
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Paytm bses electricity bill payment showing

Dear paytm customer care, I have done an online bses electricity bill payment of 290 through paytm. Amount has been debited from my bank account, but the paytm confirmation mail is saying the payment was for delhi gurgaon smart tag. I don't have any smart tag. Kindly do the needful paytm order no.56888771 and paytm care ticket number is 014. Kindly do the needful on bit priority.


Dear customer

we are very sorry to read your issue here. Best way to resolve any concern is to send an email to care@paytm.Com. We are available 24 hours on all 7 days of the week to resolve your issues.

Remember at paytm your trust is foremost. Your money is yours unless you have received your recharge. That’s our promise!

we have checked with the operator and they have confirmed that the recharge has been successfully delivered. The reference number that we have received from the operator for your recharge transaction is 01375808521911201211. We request you to kindly contact bses customer care to confirm the status of your recharge.

Should you require any other assistance please send us a mail at care@paytm.Com.

Best regards

paytm customer care