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Rajesh Gajjar on 17 November 2012
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Non installation of videocon hddvr purchased online.

I have purchased videocon d2h online hdvdr, order placed on 15-11-2012 at 16:00:14, by paying through credit card. My purchase order generated as d2h20121115035801, to start with, there was no email or message send out to me by videocon confirming the receipt of the payment made, all I got was a email from CC avenue stating my order no and a message from my bank of my card being debited for rs6390/-. So I called up at 19.00hrs on 500) to confirm if they have received the payment and if there are any other formalities that I need to take care of. To my surprise they were not able to help me as there was no customer ID generated. Hence, they told me to call online sales support on 0555 so I DID, it took me a couple of tries before someone picked up. All I said was "I had booked an hddvr online on your website today" the voice on the other end was rude and he said it will be installed in 48 hours and hung up abruptly and that was the time it striked me that I had done a mistake choosing videocon d2h over its competitors. Next day, (on 16-11-2012 at 11:15am) I received a message from viddth saying that my "customer ID is 3069 with balance rs.0.00 has been credited with rs2500.00 at 16-11-2012 11:15 and the new balance is rs2500.00 your trans ref no is:299612**" so I called up customer service 500) to clear my doubts about balance deduction without using the services, to which they assured me that the balance will not be deducted until the services are activated.So I was waiting for the call, but I got impatient and called back again in the evening asking for the status of the order to which the C.S. Said that the installation has been scheduled for 17-11-2012 at 11.30am..I was happy and waited till 12.36pm on 17-11-2012 but no one turned up, so I called back C.S. And this time they told me that the engineer will be there by 4.00pm and if he is not there then I can file a complaint against him, so I again waited for the call putting my daily chores aside as there was no one at my place who could attend him if he showed up but no one turned up nor DID I receive any call, so I again called up C.S. Who assured me that the engineer will definitely come, its just that he might have got stuck somewhere, so I asked for the engineers no. To which they said that even they don't have the no. And not to worry he will surely show up today by 6.00pm, so I again waited and still no one called nor turned up. So I again called up and the same excuse was given to me that he is out there and he will come by 8.00pm for sure and if he does not show up I can file a complaint. So I waited in vain till 8.00pm and then called back this time to complaint against the engineer who DID not show up the whole day nor had the courtesy to call and inform that he wont be coming.. to my surprise the reply this time I got from the C.S. Was that he can’t take a complaint but he could forward my case to the back end team so I wanted to know the reason for which he put me on hold and came back after a few minutes saying the same thing that he wont be able to take a complaint..by this time I was frustrated and was about to loose my cool and I was just going to tell him to put me through his supervisor and he DID something unbelievable. It was like an icing on the cake..he "hung up" I was shocked and now I was sure that it was a bad decision choosing videocon. I waited a few minutes to control my temper and I called back this time I spoke to sandeep C.S. And the most frustrating part is that every time you call you have to explain what happened so I DID that again and then told him to transfer the call to a supervisor if cannot help, so he DID and got me connected to namdev who apologized for the whole episode but DID not take a complaint against the engineer. Instead, he was explaining me that I DID not have to wait back for the engineer he will 1st call up before he shows up which frustrated me all the more. I wanted to ask him if he can tell his boss that I just got a call from the dth guys and they are coming in 1 hour’s time. Can I go home to take care of it and if he has a boss that entertains that, then he is lucky but everyone is not lucky..at last he told me that he is going to forward this to the back end team and tat is 48hrs, so I asked him what if the installation is not done in 48 hrs? will I get a refund? he replied, “there is a different procedure for cancellation but don't worry your issue will be resolved”. So I said ok and hung up. So now I am again at the mercy of his back end team and engineer, don’t know what to do next.

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