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Jyoti on 16 November 2012
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Spam of bsnl lucky draw winner call from 9695786743

A person called up from number 6743 and pretended to be bsnl chief executive speaking from delhi head office. He told me that my mobile number has won 00/- Bugs. I need to have account in sbi or punjab and sind bank atm. I said I don't have either so they suggested to go to a near by mobile prepaid shop and they will give me a code and the shop owner will pay me 0/-. What an illogical suggestion. I traced the number on internet and found the call being made from hardoi, up using airtel sim :). Funny isn't it that so called bsnl employee calling from airtel sim. So I was sure its just a scam. I am writing this to make others aware and save themselves from scams and please track the number and catch hold of these spammers.