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Yamini Gogineni on 09 November 2012
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Change of date of birth in aadhar card

Till now I DID not face any problem. But when I got my aadhar card I found my date of birth was wrong in that. Can you please change it.

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Brijendra Tiwari

My date of birth 03/Jan/1988

in my aadhar card is date of birth 01 mar 1981

ple change in my aadhar card of date of birth

Pala Tejendra Kumar

My dob is 13/09/1990 but in my aadhar card 13/09/1991 is printed I want to change it what I have to do plz reply

Libin Edwin

I want to change My date of birth is 22/12/1993 and my aadhar card date of birth is 21/12/1993 please change my date of birth

Irfan Pasha

I want to change my date of borth...PLease advise me how to change the date birth in my aadhar card....

Irfan Pasha

My date of birth is 23-01-1994 but in aadhar card 19-01-1992..So please advise me..as soon as possible....

Pravin Rajbhar

My sister date of birth is 05-12-2007 but in Sasha card 05-12-2008..so please change

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