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Sameer Bhave on 02 November 2012
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Change of name for hp gas connection

The gas connection at our address was in the name of my husband mr. M.S.Bhave who is no more. Now, as per the norms of kyc, I have been given some forms to be filled with documents to be submitted. Now, for some strange reason, the dealer is asking to submit an affidavit on rs.100 stamp paper. Now, this is nowhere mentioned on the hp website. All it says is to submit the death certificate along with relevant documents for the change of name procedure to be completed. I have spoken to the incharge of the agency who was adamant and tried speaking to the sales office mahesh ram who is not picking the phone and sent an sms to send complaint to him. Am I supposed to mention all this in sms to him. This kind of red tapism is not at all tolerable. System has been complicated rather than being smooth. When I am attaching copy of ration card where changed name is mentioned along with the letter, why should I submit an affidavit. Morever it is not part of the listed procedure on the website as on date /12.

Vinod Kumar

Hp gas


We are using hp connection for last 20 years which was brought from my uncle which he was in abroad. Now we need to change the connection from his name to our family name of which the gas agency is asking us to submit agreement paper which was given at the time of giving connection which we are not having now.

Is it possible to change the gas connection name without the agreement. Plz help me in finding the solution. Thank you

Satish Rao

just create a affidavit from any notary for rs 100 for loss of papers and submit them to him on your uncles behalf. They will issue a new sv( subscription voucher) .