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Birendra Pradhan on 28 May 2011
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Thyrocare blood test report

Dear sir, my self birendra pradhan,patient (ID-0026726)to put the information in the report of hemoglobin electrophoresis please.I confused in this report. Referred by -tarini patholab, specimen- edta whole blood, lab code- 120502253/Ori101, bar code-e7987308, test date-13.05.2011,

Birendra Pradhan

Please sent the original report of my hemoglobin electrophoresis test.

Vidya Devi Sharma


barcode: f2532774/Mrdin

I wants blood report t3 t$.Tsh

Ritika Dua

I want bllod report tsh ama

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Vidya devi sharma your report in tyrocare is

patient name mrs vidya devi (52y/F)

barcode f2532774

labcode/Source code 140120298/ Utt06

refered by dr rajeev singh bhms

samples received from park road

samples collected on 14-01-2012 / 08:45

samples received on 15-01-2012 / 03:31

tests performed t3 t4 tsh

reported on 15-01-2012 / 04:50

sno test code description value unit

1 t3 total triiodothyronine (t3) 89.00 ng/DL

2 t4 total thyroxine (t4) 9.40 µg/DL

3 tsh thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh) 6.42 µiu/ML

Kedar Sahu

Please sent me a copy of t3 t4 tsh & prolactin dated 8/10/12 bar code is 16747987 patient name smt kusum sahu