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Tarak Shaw on 31 October 2012
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Desire Agro fraud against the commitment of giving land position

That is for your kind information that I have purchased one land of 2 katas in the name of nitu shaw (my wife) from desire agro resort development pvt. Ltd. (Land developer) at sonarpur, south 24 parganas, west bengal, in their project 'sonar tori'. For this, I had issued a cheque of rs.22,000/- In favor of desire agro resort development pvt. Ltd. As advance on /05. After that, I made the final payment of rs.88,000/- On /05. Then they give me a agreement deed and a letter of acceptance of total amount of rs1,10,000/-. In this letter they also clearly mentioned that the necessary development will be under taken and possession will be handed over after 3 (three) years. As per terms and conditions of the agreement, they were supposed to develop the land by filling soil, making roads, demarcation of plot, erection of electricity etc. And hand over the same within reasonable time period (3 years) from the date of booking. Finally they handed over my final original deed of the said land on and around april 006. But yet now, they do not hand over the said land after developing. When I contact with them personally, they only commit to hand over it very soon. Recent, I visit to this project area (sonar tori),there I do not obserb so much development yet now, so that they can hand over the partiy's land.Now I am in great trouble. I want to get back the actual recent price value of this land tarak shaw the details of desire agro resort development pvt. Ltd.Are given below: name:of the developer - desire agro resort developent pvt. Ltd. Name of director:- mr. Ashok basu, residing at 23,west road, p.S.- Kasba, kol - 75 old address:- p-85, lake road, kolkata- 700 029, west bengal. New address:- p-525, raja basanta roy road ( hemanta mukherjee sarani), kolkata- 700 029, west bengal. Reg. No. - 6495 of date 998. Contact no. - 033 4816 / 17 the detals of my land are given below: project name: sonar tori area:- 2 katas, plot no.- 559 (p-152 in the plot map), khatian no.- 1335 j.L. No.- 97, mouza – natagachi, p.S.- Sonarpur, district:- south 24 parganas the detals of land purchaser are given below: name: - nitu shaw. Address:- w/O – mr. Tarak shaw, 69, aghore sarani, p.O.- Rajpur, p.S.- Sonarpur, sonarpur, kolkata- 700 149, west bengal. Contact no. - 9466 / 7049

S. Das

I also suffer in this regard. This company also chat me. I have booked plot in dimond gate in dimond harbor road in 2006. I have full paid in 2008. But they still not give plot. Now they assure give flat instead of plot. But till not I have not get any property.

Sujon Chatterjee

I am also facing the same thing from desire. We have taken 10 kattah o land at sonar tori and till now no developement happened. I called repeated times to their office. Last year they told that they tied up with heritage reality who developed sherood estate at narandrapur and they will build a townshep and will give us flat. They then took concent from me and also from others that per kattah they will give 330 sqft of area but till date nothing happened. I guess this is fraud company and they will run away with our money. I guess it is high time that we should move to court at booked them under fraud.

I am reachable at 9836674666.

DesireGrahakSeva DesireAgroHotelResortDevelopment

12:58 PM (32 minutes ago)

to Sajid indranath18 Ranjan

Dear Mr.Sajid Anwar

We received your mail on date.

Again you have mentioned slang words in your mail which is not at all expected from a gentleman like you. Man is known by his behavior and nature.

First of all you have denied in your earlier mails that you have not received any thing from us which we have confirmed in our last mail that you have received the amount towards your cost of land through our authorized signatory Mr.Indranath Choudhury.

The details are as follows:-

1. Rs.1 00 000/- by cheque

Cheque no dated on Axis Bank in your A/C

412210 04.09.2012 912010002018109

2. Rs.1 00 000/- by cheque

Cheque no dated on Axis Bank in your A/C

412218 28.12.2012 912010002018109

3. Rs.1 25 000/- by cheque

Cheque no dated on Axis Bank in your A/C

853933 28.02.2013 912010002018109

In Total 3 25 000/-

Now the amount of Rs.32000/- towards your registration fees are under process and paid to legal dept will be transfer in your account as soon as possible.

Regarding your allegation towards appreciation which has not yet been settled with the including customers and hence no appreciation towards the land cost disbursed however the matter will be looked after shortly.

We hope you will repair yourself from making wild allegation and jeopardize the future of innocent plot holders.

Please send your account details for transfer the registration fees which is under process.

Thanking and best wishes

Ashoke Kumar Bose

The payment receipts and confirmation letter are given below:





Sajid Anwar

Ashok Bose & Sanjay Shaw

I reiterate again till date you have not settled my account.

A receipt of 3.25 Lac is not the complete payment. Specifically while you have robbed this amount of me 12 years ago.

I am at the same park and would take strong exception to your ROBBERY METHOD.

1) You need to settle my money with appreciation money. What could be the current possible appreciation money of a RESIDENTIAL PLOT which was of worth 3.25 Lac 12 Years ago??? PROBABLY 30 LACS?? You have a land agreement in your hand which was done between you and me that clearly states 20 % APPRECIATION PER YEAR.

2) In your next email please do read and INTERPRET the agreement between and sent me what the agreement states about APPRECIATION MONEY??? DID YOU STICK TO THE AGREEMENT??? YOU JUST ROBBED THE MONEY AND DISAPPEARED IN FOG.

3) M/s Desire Agro Resort Remains a CHIT FUND ROBBER COMPANY for me.

Please reconsider your position on

a) Appreciation Money – AS PER AGREEMENT

b) Registration Money whatever it is.

You need to tell your greedy agents as well when you make a deal over paper stick to the paper and DO NOT DEVIATE. If you DEVIATE then you are a CHEAT & ROBBER.

Hope you have read the above lines WITHOUT PREJUDICE subsequently pull out the AGREEMENT PAPER and circulate that in your next email AND EVERYBODY WOULD REALIZE THE BITTER FACT OF M/S DESIRE AS A CHIT FUND COMPANY.

Kindly READ THE AGREEMENT settle my accounts as per that agreement and I would be happy to leave.

Albeit you are cheat fraud robber and killer of human sentiments I would suggest you stick to your own agreement and show your potential of being a white businessman. I BET YOU ARE NOT !!.

Ashok Basu & Sanjay Shaw please revert as soon as possible and I look forward to see your another crap response.


Sajid Anwar

Sajid Anwar

Kind Attention : All Desire Victims.

Complaint against fraudulent activities of M/s Desire Agro Resorts has been accepted by Kolkata Police. Complaint No. SL. No. 18134/01/PGC/15.

It’s being investigated. I would suggest all victims to send your complaints emails to Honorable Commissioner of Police with subject marked as “Complaint Ref. SL. No. 18134/01/PGC/15”.

Desire directors are in illusion that Senior Officials are not aware of Desire’s act. But they should be made aware that Law and Order will go hunting for Desire today or tomorrow.

Please see below response. Thanks a lot to Kolkata Police Chief !!


Sajid Anwar




---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: CP Kolkata

Date: Sat Jan 10 2015 at 4:50 PM

Subject: Re: Real Estate Fraud / Cheated by M/s Deisre Agro Resorts P-525 Raja Basanta Roy Road Kolkata – 700029 Phone No. 033 – 24654818 9903710708 9830006194 Owned by Mr. Ashok Bose (Director) and Mr. Sanjay Shaw (Director)

To: Sajid Anwar

Dear Sajid Anwar

Please refer to your e-mail dated 04.01.2015. The Deputy Commissioner of Police South East Division Kolkata has been requested to look into the matter.

For future correspondence in this regard please quote the reference as SL. No. 18134/01/PGC/15.

Yours sincerely

Commissioner of Police


Sajid Anwar

Dear All Desire Victims

Director of Desire Agro Mr. Ashoke Bose has been arrested by Kolkata police and is now in police custody.

Please refer The Telegraph 13-January-2017 Page No. 12

Please file more police complaints against this company and make the case strong.


Sajid Anwar