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Sanket Agrawal on 24 October 2012
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Sony Xperia U mobile touch screen problem

I bought a sony xperia u smartphone from nearest sony centre on 1st august 2012 for rs.16,000 . I paid about rs ,000 extra from the market rate and bought the piece from sony centre just to ensure that I get a problem free handset but I was wrong . Just after two months of affectionate usage , the phone and its company showed its original character . The touch screen showed a problem and wasnt working well . The left side of the screen was not functionally . The letters like 'q' , 'a' which are on the left side on the keypad are not at all working . The whole touch screen is badly affected without any external factors or damage to the piece . When I visited the service centre of sony , they just asked me to submit my handset for 12 days without even knowing my problem and checking even when I was ready to wait there . Even this was not the end , when I asked for the replacement handset as I cannot manage without a cell phone for 12 long days , all I got was a unpolite 'no' and rejection . The official there was also rude and DID not wanted to listen to me . I had a image of sony as the leading brand striving for customer satisfaction with great technology but I think I was daydreaming . If I knew this will be the result , I would never had purchased a sony product . I mean is the standard so low that the phone stopped working normally . This issue is not only with me but with many of my friends using xperia smartphones . Really depressed with such unfriendly customer support . But now enough of company's unfair behaviour .

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Sokneg Koem

Now I got problem with the touch screen of sony xperial u too and now I do not know what should I do because I want to replace the touch screen but they said it has not in stock. Really regrade to used it..

Ankit Mishra

Evn I suffering frm th sme problm n ths service center dnt do anyhtnk 2 satisfy thr customers...


Hey if you are using the screen guard provided by sony in the box try to buy a new one with a good quality. That is the root cause for this problem in my phone. Sony's screen guard is of poor quality !! :(


Yes I am experiencing same problem...I stay in pune...wt M I supposed to do nw???

Sanket Agrawal

Guys if youu have moree than onee service center in your cityity then tryy going too bothth.. itt might solve ur problemm !!!


You should go to the service center. They might keep your phone for some time if the display is not available. But it will get replaced.