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Rajiv Sharma on 17 October 2012
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DJB wrong billing commercial bill charged for residential accommodation

Sir/ Madam, I am resident of attached accommodation, sri niwas puri post office, which is purely a domestic/ Residential accommodation. I received water bill for k no. 1089 as per commercial supply { bill no. 5390 dtd. 30-6-11}. The undersigned immediately contacted the zro and submitted complaint and also met zro in person. On direction of zro the undersigned submitted necessary affidavit and allotment letter in support of domestic accommodation at sri niwas puri po. The zro then corrected the bill and handed over a manual bill dtd. 01-6-2011 for the period 14-5-2011 to 03-5-2011 for rs. 25/, Which I have paid on 01-6-2011 on the same day. Again I have received bill no. 5529 dtd. 10-2-2012 for rs. 1381 with total consumption of 15 kl for the period 11-10-2011 to 011, as per commercial supply, the undersigned again submitted complaint and approached zro, who further corrected the bill showing the period 03-5-2011 to 11-4-2011 for rs. 117/ Dtd. 012. The undersigned paid the said bill on 012. Now again I am astonished to receive a bill no. 8274 dtd. 12-9-2012 for rs. 22/- As per commercial supply showing the period 11-4-2012 to 4-7-2012 with total consumption as 22 units and an adjustment of rs. 1117/-{ My last paid bill has also been shown}. The undersigned is highly aggrieved by the water bill of such a huge amount that too as per commercial supply, despite my repeated requests and corrections by the zro. The undersigned also visited varunalaya, delhi jal board, and I have been informed that there is arrears of 1.5 years for the corrections of the bills in the computerised data. Sir/ Madam, it is humbly requested to get the bill corrected as per domestic supply for the early payment. -Sd- { rajiv sharma} asp {inv.}, O/O cpmg, delhi circle, nd110001.

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