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Ankur on 03 June 2013

Mobile Operators Cheating Customers

How many times have you been charged for calls and sms messages you havent sent? And who doesn't complain that their balance is being deducted by their operators for services they never asked for?

Value-added services being activated and even changed without customer knowledge is the
biggest way these companies are making extra money.

One Mr. Chander Prakash wrote : "My name is Chander Prakash.I have an airtel prepaid sim with the no.9413931856.Company start hello tune service without my permission and desire and charged rs.30 on 01/05/2011 as rent of one month and rs.15 download charge.Company charged rs.60 from my other airtel no.9001831157 about one month ago.I call customer care no.121 many time and I send email to airtel nodal officer but my problem is not solved."

He is one of the many thousands who have similar complaints everyday. These big companies are openly cheating users to make extra money and 80% of the time they cheat pre-paid customers as the balance is very easily deductible and no explanation given, or only some excuses made by customer care reps. If you see in most cases, middle class people are the maximum pre-paid customers, and it is easiest to cheat them than the more richer post paid customers.

Have you charged your phone with some balance and the next day found the balance is showing zero? Charging with a full talk time balance but getting less than the full value? Even such cases are on the rise. And nobody is compensating or refunding or even giving proper explanation for it. Advertisements are misleading, they say one thing but in reality it is very different and their background policies is not known to us.

Even post-paid customers are not free from their cheating. Wrong billing, extra charges, de-activation of services etc are on the rise. We all waited for number portability, but now there are issues with both the old and new operators. Old ones don't release numbers or say dues are not paid and the new ones don't live up to their promises.

But the good news is that with every passing day, more and more people are coming out and complaining, making their voices heard and these big companies cannot ignore them anymore. Sooner or later they will have to bow to the public's anger and stop the wrong-doing.

To all the GrahakSeva users, please do not give up this fight against injustice. Continue to speak out through our platform and create awareness...justice WILL be done.
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