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Romesh Kumar on 03 June 2013

The mobile phone balance scam - Now you will know why they deduct from your balance

The following post is submitted by our user, Romesh Kumar.

I wish to report Unethical practices being followed by many telecom companies.I will explain how I got into uncovering the scam. I am a Reliance customer and used to get notifications after every call indicating how long my call was , how much a...mount is debited for the call and how much is left. Suddenly one day these notifications stopped. When I lodged a complaint, the customer care said that it will be corrected in 2 days, but refused to lodge any complaint.After 2 days when my complaint persisted, I called the customer care. They said that such things are not entertained by customer care. I grew suspicious and inquired about the balance. I was told that Rs. 30 had been debited from my account for some fun pack. (I had NOT applied for any kind of service). I asked to lodge a complaint but they refused to lodge my complaint.

When I asked if they had proof of my permission to subscribe me to the stupid fun pack, they could NOT trace ANY request for activation of any service from my side either.Finally they hung up without completing the call.After that I got an SMS :"Dear customer, you spoke to RAJINDER from Reliance. We understand you were dissa...tisfied. Please share your feedback. Reply Yes or No (toll free)"The problem is I did not talk to RAJINDER in customer care. I had talked to Pravin Kumar.Also the above message is itself ambiguous. Does it mean I answer “Yes”, which could mean, I am satisfied. If I answer “No” it can mean, “No, I am not dissatisfied with the service”.

I investigated the scam further and through unofficial sources learned that Reliance and Other Telecom companies earn millions by this scam. Since the amount is small (Rs. 5, 10, 30) the users don’t care to fight all the way to the top or most of the times don’t even notice that some money is missing from their account. A single telecom company earned about Rs. 30,00,000 (Estimated) in 2 weeks alone.Since I dont have proof of the numbers and of the scam I cannot go ahead with legal proceedings.
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